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"So yeah i was minding my own buisness"


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"So yeah i was minding my own buisness, just wandering around some bird of prey i found floating around in space, then next thing i know this big scary klingon fella  :honorable: sticks his batleth in a very uncomfortable place  :rookie: " "so anyway im dead now.....what happens next? "

SO yeah heres my question, how is / can sto going to deal with character death, do we all have clones we jump into, do we lose levels, do we wake up in strange sick bays with hot starfleet nurses "taking care" of us or do we simply just die and have to start over.

thoughts anyone?


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as far as I heard   there is no permadeath  how they deal with dieing is more like the spawn rule but where and when and how is still  up in the air  and if we have medics and docters  they may be able to revive you.... how and when and if there is a time limit is still up in the air.

Klingon Docter in the federation  LOL


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medical tech is advanced in the 24th century!  so i would say you dont die you just wake up in sick bay!  but thats a good way to give medics something to do, revive your ship mates when they get blasted!,  but what happends to the medics when they die????  know one knows.....


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Some of us had an idea a long time ago. You would wake up in sick bay, but if sick bay is captured by the enemy players either sit and wait for hand-to-hand revival or revive at the nearest starbase or Hub.  Doctors with a certain skill however would be able to setup a temporary medical post (only one can be allowed on the ship) and players can revive here. WHen players revive here they have more damage than reviving in the sick bay but its better than waking up in a starbase far away.

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