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william shatner band


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I am not a huge fan of star trek, but rather, the music created by it's original cast members.  The other night I was listening to Shatner's version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, and started to think of other songs I wish shatner had covered.  Then it hit me, start a band that performs songs like william shatner or leonard nimoy would.  Right now I'm loking for like minded people, and thought that this site would be a good place to start.  If you play music, live in the LA area, and our interested, please email me at



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willl shatner singing lucy in the sky with diamonds? lol picturing that but on the enterprise bridge in full starfleet uniform  with the bridge crew be all on a routine mission then just breaks out into song lol its a messed up image for sure, i cant imagine that, lol but gd luck,
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