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your own robot


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Quote (ellisdroid @ Dec. 05 2006, 5:21 pm)
i would totaly build data

Yay! Someone besides me!


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Quote (Trekwolf164 @ Dec. 20 2006, 12:29 pm)
Doctor Franklins asst

Ah yes. Quite the porcelain doll wasn't she.
But don't turn your back or else YIKES!!

And then there was Dr. Franklins Son and his assistant.
Who could forget about the lovely Tami Cross.
Oh No!

Yes kiddies, long before Austin Powers brought fembots back into mainstream view, Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers were battling these bevy of babes.

Incidently, check out this ?real world fembot!


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We have perhaps the ability to rediscover necessary technology for robots,but this planet is proof how difficult it is to build biological robots that have a reason to be.

The Lords of Evolution build biological robots that do anything imaginable.Why generate another contraption that would only be at war against what the Lords of Evolution already left behind,but my robot would be asked "what happened" ?!


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I'd build a copy of me and send it off to work in my stead

either that or Priss from Bladerunner ...hubba hubba

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