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Star Trek DS9 Harbinger


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This year marks a special anniversary that I wanted to celebrate: It's been ten years since Trek gamers finally got a chance to step into the world of Deep Space Nine via their PCs and Macs.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Harbinger was that premiere game, and, in the opinion of this poster, it remains one of the most immersive titles we Trek fans will ever see. Although flawed in several ways which distract the first-time player from the game's strengths, subsequent plays reveal a world just as believable, just as substantial, as an episode of the series it is based on. I'm talking about dialog, voice acting, and storyline--some of the best we've ever seen in a Trek game, linked by high-detail renderings of a first-person environment, particularly station DS9. Besides having the honor of being the first DS9 game for the PC and Mac, it is also the first and currently only game to feature Avery Brooks in the role of Captain Sisko. Brooks, Nana Visitor, Terry Farrell, Rene Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman, and Judi Durand (computer) came over from the series to be guided by the masterful efforts of main writers Sarah Stocker, Ken Eklund, and the late Hilary Bader. All of this earned Harbinger a 1997 CODiE Award for "Best Use of Live Performers in Multimedia" (link).

I truly believe this game to be the closest we can come to a "lost episode" of DS9, and now, ten years after its release, Harbinger can now be experienced by a whole new generation....

Video Captures, Page One

I highly recommend first downloading the teaser/OCS that starts the game ("Harbinger1.avi") followed immediately by the combined "Act One" file ("Harbinger_ActOne.avi"), if you can, or the smaller video right below it ("Harbinger2_Beginning.avi"). "Act One" covers over 23 minutes of continuous gameplay from the very beginning! Combine it with the teaser/OCS and you have a half-hour, original "mini-episode" of DS9!

NOTE: Page two, linked from the first, covers the rest of the game and, thus, features complete spoilers. Stick to page one if you may ever play the game in the future!


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I still haven't got around to setting up my old PC to play the oldies. What game will you be covering next?


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i have a question, who here has the ability to play that game???  chances are that it won't run on 2k or XP.  what windows version does it require??


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Those videos were really cool.  I'm sorry I missed out what looks like a great game.

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