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Somebody PLEASE tell Bill Shatner re: entanglement


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First of all, I said the BRAIN was essentially quantum in nature because I feel that everything is. Now I know what you are thinking: absurd! Why, if we can see collections of atoms, they are no longer quantum objects! They have been obsered, right? Wrong. You have only observed their classical properties. So it is precisely what we cannot see, but is still THERE that acts in a quantum manner. And it is the slippery, ineffable quality of the human MIND (not brain) that suggests we are dealing with something that cannot BE measured (and then lost, of course) or even actually observed. And the intrepid teleporters have come up with a solution for this "observer effect": they throw out the measured data and teleport the atom or ion (I believe that have not gone beyond that range yet, but we'll find out soon, I'd wager . . . 'cause these particular scientists who want to build quantum computers seem somewhat obsessed, and that of course is what makes a great scientist or theorist). In other words, in order to do a workaround for the observer effect, you must measure and then toss the measurements. It's one of those weird quantum behaviors that do not seem to make common sense. And if there's one thing that does not make common sense it is our own self-consciousness! It has a slippery, indescribable, ineffable quality that cannot BE measured (not at this time, at any rate). And I would bet good money that if you found a way to do so, to measure this quality, you would somehow destroy something precious. Whatever it is that makes me, "me" is just not "measurable." Not by me, or by anyone else. That is why when people start discussing the ethical issue of human teleportation and "copies," well . . . them's fightin' words!! People do NOT want to be "copied" and I feel that quantum teleportation would not be able to measure and thus BE ABLE to retain the most important part of what makes us unique individuals. Heck, I could be wrong, but I'm playing a hunch that is based on what I have read, and I have read a lot about this phenomenon precisely because so many are so eager to shout "impossible!" As someone who appreciates the power of the scientific imagination (what drives science fiction, after all! Otherwise, everyone would just write mysteries or biographies, or whatever. But some folks write about the potential future and that is why we are in this forum.). And by not measuring it, we would , RETAIN IT!!!!! By golly! Yeah, it's weird, but as I said, I'm playing a hunch that makes sense in the senseless realm of the quantum! I know this is all hard to get our heads around at this time because we have not advanced enough to be able to grasp certain vital concepts and issues. But it is important to play around with the ideas and theoretical concepts because eventually, someone will stumble over the answer to the problem(s). Yup . . . that is how science has always worked. They did not invent penicillin by trying to do so. We are capable of so much more than we can presently even imagine! And my point is that we must not ever say something is "impossible" when we cannot be quite so sure. Well, ok, some folks are sure, but I don't think a scientist should ever be entirely "sure" because that is a conceit that impedes science and theorizing. And it impedes using our ineffable human consciousness to ponder these issues. I just want people to keep imagining what seems "impossible" and see what the devil (oops) they come up with. It's important because in the last analysis, it is this search that truly makes us human and unique after all. Even if there are trillions upon trillions of sentient beings in the known universe, each one is unique and irreplaceable. So, yeah, we'd better be careful. But I know theorists and experimental theorists and they just can't help themselves. If it's possible to DO an experiment, they'll do the doggone thing. And damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. And it scares people, as well it should, if history is any judge. But you cannot stop it. Maybe someone will try it the "wrong" way, and someone will die. But I do not think even that would stop them, because it never has before. (See Apollo 1 comment earlier.)

And, yo, what are the odds of a TV pilot that FAILED, that was written by a beat cop, would be given a SECOND PILOT! And that pilot would still be producing story ideas (and a new film!! Star Trek XI) over 40 YEARS LATER!!!!!!!!?????!!! Is that predictable? Or measurable? Or even believable? NO WAY. But it happened. And we here at this site discussing science because it happened. Now that's what I call "unbelievable."

Peace and long life my friends!


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The problem is that matter is not teleport at all, just the information on the particle spin state.

In order to even begin the Duplication process we would need to reduce the collection of atoms in the person to a state where we are acting Quantum, we call this coherent.. This can be done but the state of matter where this is possible cannot be done to a human body..

No one know what causes a collection of particles to become decoherent, as it stand this is a problem that has haunted QM from the very beginning, we have conducted 1000's of experiment where we can create states of matter ( such as Bose einstein condensates, Fermion gas, super fluids, super solids) all these states of matter still behave in that manner, but these are rare conditions where matter is exposure to supercold temperature and where the atoms themselves have unique spin properties for each atom.

Teleportation as seen by star trek cannot be quantum teleportation, which is due to Quantum entanglement...

Now teleportation may be possible but not in this manner..


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My post was just a victim of "the observer effect," and I lost it. It is late, and I will tackle this with a fresh mind another night. You raised some significant and concrete issues, and I believe I can tackle them, but I am glad the other post "vanished."

Peace and long life,


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