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Zulu Fleet


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Report this Aug. 28 2006, 1:17 pm

Hey guys.

I have just created a new roleplay called Zulu Fleet. Zulu Fleet concentrates on the defence of a weakened federation, against the possibility of a borg invasion. I have built this fleet as I am tired of joining roleplays only for them to last a mere few days. I know hat this simm will last and anyone who joins can have comfort in the knowledge that there effort will not be wasted.

Of course this isnt all we will be focusing on. With smaller ships available for scouting missions, escorting missions. I have also made room in the roleplay for some marines. And of course the big guns for long gruelling battles with many different enemies.

The roleplay is new, with very few members. It will obviously take a while to get going so please if you come and have a look bare that in mind and forsee truelly magnificent potential as a highly successful roleplay.

Currently there are two ships available to be manned before moving onto oher ships. However if people desperately want to Command then I can see to much of adding another ship to he fleet in such an early phase.

Providing the simm is successful. I will construct a site and also sort out domain names, however at the moment we will have to deal with what we have got.

So come along have a gander and please join. Oh if your joining please use your character name as the log in. thanks


Sorry.... I have positions for everyone, whether active every day or once a fortnight.


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Report this Aug. 29 2006, 7:46 am

Hey guys,

Just letting you know guys, that the RPG has already got 8 members, which for one day on the market is fantastic. Obviously something must appeal to you guys. I will let it be known that the first mission will launch once 12 members are available, all with introductory posts. So with the rate of joining members, we could be getting away by the end of this afternoon.

Please come and join in with what could be the most influential rpg of the year.


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Report this Aug. 30 2006, 7:25 am

Oh you can choose to use any race within the fereation. However you can use others with good reasons, i.e Ex BOrg, Romulans, JemHadar.

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