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"Fleet"/(Group) Affiliation and the RP Experience


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Report this Aug. 23 2006, 12:04 pm

Let's say:

As a new player finishes character construction, s/he fills out a brief questionnaire about his preferences for gaming environment.

"We would like to help you find and play with fellow gamers who best fit your style of play. Please answer the following questions and we will provide suggestions of the appropriate servers and fleets where your character will best fit in.

[Player age and the presense of non-letter characters in the character name will be automatically ascertained]

1. Do you intend to use "leetspeak," or mind others who do ? [Definition and examples presented at the link]
(Options: "Yes, I use leetspeak/I don't mind playing with those who do." ;
"No, I don't use leetspeak and prefer to play with others who don't.")

2. Do you wish to play with those who use common MMO vocabularly such as "noob" or "guild"?
("I use these game-speak terms/I don't mind when others talk in game-speak" ;
"I intend not to use game-speak and prefer to play with others who don't either."

3 I would really prefer to be with players who use langauge Rated:
(Options: "PG"

4. Does your character share a name already used in Star Trek shows or movies? (e.g. Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Picard, Crusher, Worf, Cisko, Janeway, Archer, etc.?)
[perhaps this question can be automatically scanned against a database as well].

5. Does your character share a unique or famous name common to other popular media/fiction? (e.g. Skywalker, Lancelot, Adama, etc.?)
[Again, a fairly decent database can be established to automatically check].

6. Are you willing to follow orders given by other players according to the chain of command recognized in the group?
(Options: "No, I won't follow orders--I'll do what I want to do no matter what another character's 'rank.'" ;
"Yes, I will follow orders so long as I'm having fun with those I'm playing with." ;
"I want to role-play with people who are serious about 'chain of command' and following orders." ;
"I expect my character to suffer consequences decided by superior officers should I disobey orders.")

7. Do you prefer to play with those who "stay in character, and won't be talking about the real world while they're playing adventures?
(Options: "I just want to play the game and have fun, and I like to relax and be myself while playing." ;
"I like to role-play my character for the most part, but I don't want there to be a rule that says I can't break character when playing an adventure." ;
"I have more fun staying in character and prefer to play with others who do the same." ;
"I want a strict Role-Playing game where no one EVER breaks out of character and talks about the real world!")


Based on how a new character answers, he or she is directed descriptions of servers--each of those servers listing its special rules.

After a user examines a server, the Fleets established within it are listed, presenting their unique standards of game-play.

This way, STO is helping players with common preferences find each other and everyone can have an easier time finding their preferred game enviornment faster and without so much unpleasant trial and error.

And if the chain of command does permit commander-guild dispensed 'points'...a player can choose the environment with the matching philosophy and policies on the matter.


I apologize if this is a redundant idea...didn't see it anywhere. I posted this in hopes that the idea addresses a number of issues simultaneously. So what do you think?

[edit: why on earth are question marks I never typed showing up all over my posts?]


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Report this Aug. 23 2006, 12:12 pm

This is a great idea, the most obvious benefit that I see of this is that those jackasses who like to go onto RP servers just to annoy the RPers would actually have to think in order to figure out how to get onto the RP servers.


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LOL..yeah, thinking through the filter will be a pretty good deterent.

You know it just occurred to me, for the varying preferences of players on the same server:

Even when it doesn't pertain to guilds, for individuals advertizing for an ad-hoc group, their bullitens advertizing an adventure opportunity can be sure to be restricted to the targeted parameters of PC profiles!


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Report this Aug. 23 2006, 3:56 pm

You got to remember that a lot of people dont even know what leet speek is (yes i know its constructing words with numbers)

The only way to deal with a leet speeker is /ignore. Problem solved never speak to them again. ANd that is where role players go wrong they dont use the /ignore function instead when someone say posts over broadcast "Selling Sword of DOOM PLZ SND TELL" they instantly get on the high horse and scream about dont spam speak properly blah blah blah stay in character. Which i found to be very rude.

Also role players have this unnatural knack of either 1 of 2 states.

1. Incredibly good players who enjoy roleplaying
2. Incredibly BAD players who use roleplaying as an excuse for being crapola.

By instigating questions for players after you have created your 10th alt and had to answer the same questions over and over again you end up with people getting anoyed at character creation.

What you need is basically a leet speek filter that you enforce on the rp server. ANY and all text that isnt english is censored. Alow swearing allow profanity but just censor leet speek.

There you go problem solved. OK so people will have to learn how to spell properly.

Other than that i personally think that role player servers just fragment the potential population. Allow people to run role play ships and role play guilds. BUT dont have a separate role player server.


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Report this Aug. 23 2006, 4:26 pm

As I suggested, a link to a definition and examples will steer a player towards their correct preferences.

I do disagree that the only way to deal with behavior is to ignore it. Having to ignore the unpleasant may be a fact of life, but it's not entertaining and it's detracting from the player's satisfaction with the product. I think Perpetual will do well to help engineer interaction that prevents its customers from having to do so much ignoring. The price of a few extra drop-down menus at character generation (and the resources to impliment the filter accordingly) I think are pretty minimal compared to the payoff in customer satisfaction that it will earn.

I agree an ignore feature will always be a necessity. Whether or not it's adequate is another question. In my mind, an extra few questions at character generation is a lot easier to impliment than a language filter. Formulaically knowing the difference between when numbers are conveying legitmate quantities or codes and when they're leet is a pretty tall order. It might be possible...but I'm not imagining it being a cost-effective alternative.

I figure Perpetual will do a good job of figuring out its potential market and deciding how to deliniate servers. If server-sized parts of the population want to be fragmented, why not let them?

Thanks for the feedback!


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Report this Aug. 23 2006, 5:02 pm

Quote (Awarkle @ Aug. 23 2006, 3:56 pm)
By instigating questions for players after you have created your 10th alt and had to answer the same questions over and over again you end up with people getting anoyed at character creation.

I was kind of hoping STO will make it hard(ish) for people to have EVE (yes yes, that game that is mentioned way too often on this forum, and for that I apologise :D )


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Report this Aug. 28 2006, 11:51 am

I think EVERYONE should be automatically filtered for ST names and trademarked names, period.  Leetspeak should ALWAYS be filtered if not on a private channel.  After that, RPers should find each other and grinders should find each other, it's not like STO has short term groups.  Everyone should be responsible for making sure the people they are working with are on the same wavelength.  Profiling and ostracizing ten year olds is not a repalcement for vigilant team building.

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