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For those in Vegas


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Quote (Rude @ Aug. 21 2006, 2:51 pm)
Mary, the blog's author and one of our on-air hosts for "DVD Geeks."

An on-air personality, huh? I must be outta' the loop here... on what channel does your program air?
I mean, any show that sends their host to a Star Trek convention (in costume, no less) deserves my attention!

By the way, is that link broken now?

Hello again --

We do a little show called "DVD Geeks" which is, well, about all things "geeky," primarily DVDs. we're anticipating, of course, doing some coverage on the "Star Trek" animated series when that comes out. Mary, specifically, is one of our five hosts, and she specializes in TV shows as seen on DVD.

We will be seen on the National Lampoon Network starting this fall which, unfortunately, is only seen in colleges. Our site will have links, clips, etc as the time gets closer -- not to mention more coverage of the Vegas convention. The site has been a little slow, but it should be better now.




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Those are great pics!! Thanks.


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Did you read these books?

Fantastic Four,

Ever Quest

and Lord of the Rings.

If you have, you'll love reading:

Strength of Allies.    

Written by E. I.Velasquez.


You can order by phone.

Call 1888-280-7715.

You can also go to your nearest store to ask for it.

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