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Working to a Climax...


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Report this Aug. 12 2006, 12:09 pm

With the USS Ben Nevis' fourth season well underway, the crew prepares for a change. Though still unaware of what lies ahead, tension rises among the crewmembers of this Titan class starship. She has been in space for nearly four years now but something unexpected is about to happen... You can be a part of this!

The Titan class USS Ben Nevis was launched from drydock in 2379 (2003). Ever since that moment, a good and dedicated crew has been assigned to her in order to experience the most complex adventures. Some of the most refined characters are stationed to this starship. Some are fresh and new, others have been a member of her crew since her maiden voyage.

We are looking for several new, dedicated simmers willing to expand our family. Crewmembers willing to enrich the tight connections we have. Join the crew to be part of the sensational climax planned for this season's finale!!! Allow yourself to have the simming experience of a lifetime!

The Ben Nevis is looking for:

- CATT Field Commander (Hazard Unit)
- Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
- Assistant Chief Science Officer
- Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
- Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Of course, many other positions are open for you to apply for. Feel free to have a look at our website and be sure to visit our forum and manifest to get a good overview of what we have to offer you!

Hope to see you aboard soon!


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Report this Aug. 14 2006, 4:44 pm

The position of Deputy CATT Field Commander has now been filled. Feel free to drop by to apply for any open position!

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