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No Cannon in STO


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Quote (PhantomCrunk007 @ Aug. 06 2006, 7:48 pm)
We all saw what happened to that other successfull sci-fi franchise MMORPG that got bogged down by people who wanted everything according to george lucas. If perpetual is smart, they will ignore this fringe group of people who only make the game worse. Let the game be what it is. If it's not what captain kirk would have done or did, who cares, its just a game and make believe anyways. Please, all you trek purists, you ruined ENTERPRISE, don't ruin this game.   :angry:

Trek purists?  There were whole quasi-canon ideas, stories, and history developed after TOS through to TNG that went out the lock after ENT came about.  I still prefer much of the FASA Star Trek universe to what many consider to be "canon" these days.


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Quote (PhantomCrunk007 @ Aug. 11 2006, 7:04 pm)
Quote (MadMickey @ Aug. 11 2006, 1:16 pm)
As it was, continuity was ignored in favor of plot devices, and established Star Trek history (such as first contact with the Klingons, which wasn't supposed to happen that early) was either completely re-written or ignored entirely because it was inconvenient to the story.

How many people actually knew or cared when we were supposed to make first contact with klingons.. Thats what im talking about. You purists want everything a certain way. Not everyone wears ridges on their head and pays $500 for a william shatner autograph. You trekkies need to get over it. IT's just make believe. Just enjoy the game. IT WILL NEVER BE PREFECT BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE IS A STAR TREK NERD.

Okay, first of all, please stop shouting at me.

The first rule of *any* kind of writing, for television or otherwise, is that a given universe must function in a consistant manner.

I'm not one of those that 'pay $500 for a Shatner autograph', though I can understand the mindset of those that will.

I'm also not a 'Trek Purist'.  Personally, I don't care if first contact with the Klingons happened last friday in my _living room_.

My problem is that Enterprise systematically ignored thirty years of Star Trek tradition *and gave no logical explanation for the changes that were made*.

Even *Voyager* made at least a *passing* attempt to maintain its consistancy with established Trek canon.


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You have to think that back at the dawn of the federation EARTH was meant to have just come out of a world war and cured all the ills before setting off into space.

However you cant set a series like startrek by sending archer and enterprise to Mars for test flights.

You need to put action into a series if your going to get people interested. There are a lot of science fiction shows around now that have the pretty people, and shock value clifhangers and multi episode intertwinings.

I personally found enterprise more interesting than voyager for the oposite reasons.

IN voyager you had A single startrek ship alone without the backup of starfleet or the federation. However it was technologically advanced. Which basically meant that any race they encountered they could beat even if there ship was smaller.

IN enterprise it was the reversal NX-01 was basically junk no shields, no proper phasers for a few episodes. Reliant on shuttlecraft. No mighty starfleet to fall back on.

It made the episodes more interesting (although they should have just spaced hoshi) enterprise moved away from the whole yay realign the primary phase coils and reroute it through the primary deflector array.

Ok they still did that but generally it went wrong or the technology couldnt handle it. They didnt have replicators or dermal regeration.

Enterprise did move from cannon i was partially aware about a massive war with the klingons. Tbh it didnt bother me, the klingons in the series were interesting because it explained a lot about their back story why they valued honor and how it had been distorted to mean war. How in kirks time the klingons looked differently to how worf was.

The whole genetic children episode was a bit weak but still it filled in back story regarding the eugencis war.

People are quick to blame enterprise for departing with cannon  but it was interesting how they got around certain problems. I enjoyed enterprise im a bit sad they axed it as soon as they did although the whole cold war and xindi eps were a bit far  fetched.

I think enterprise just ran out of ideas on how to explain things, there wasnt much for them to do which hadnt already happened in the previous treks. And you can only do so many first encounter episodes.

Although i did enjoy the vulcan backstory how they had twisted logic to their own means.

Either way either im going to love startrek online OR its goign to be ruined with whiners. Either way if it goes the way of SWG then ill depart. Perpetual should stick to a plan and through richer or poorer stick to it. And not change it every 6 months to please a small number of people.


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Hey DedFred I like your idea of scooping up scrap to build yer own ship ¿:honorable: . I also think that cannon-wise, this game will be heavily profession oriented; after all; this isnt a simulation.

Meaning, all races will have similar professions, and there will be race advantages; the best advantage will be a mixed-race class starship/crew that will be needed to explore the unkown race that lies ahead; so I believe that Star-Trek profession will the core of the cannon.

Storywise, it is simple; to boldy go where no one has gone before; mmrpg-land maybe?

And, there will always be a rogue or 2 out there within their own race, and there will be race core storylines that I feel will remain true to the main cannon-idea of Star-Trek; prime examples of which are Klingon and Vulcan race growth and rites of passage; harr; they will interfere with, and be a minor deterance in certain tactical situations just when you least expect them to be (!;); that is roleplay; ie; I am a Vulcan and I have just had a spaz attack and have to leave my station right in the middle of battle).

There will be political and tactical ploys, all true to the nature of Star Trek, period; it just may not be as we all would like; let's just grow with it, and form it oursleves as well; isnt that what being a 'Trekkie' is all about (?); not whining about when devs will produce something.

BTW, I volunteer some for another game developer producing music; I hope I can here too that would be nice. I also have considerable gaming experience; devs need to be quiet for many reasons.

I will say this; they are looking for designers; that is, people who like gaming; and I am sure they will find some Trekkies out there! :logical:


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