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Tango Fleet PBeM RPG


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Tango Fleet PBeM RPG -

Tango Fleet currently is comprised of a number of simulations providing for well-structured entertainment focused around the post-nemesis era of Trek with heavy emphasis on sticking to canon as much as is possible.

The following simulation currently operate within Tango Fleet -

USS Lancelot NCC-74410-A

A Sovereign Class vessel bearing the flag of Star Fleet to some of the most hazardous regions in the Galaxy.  There is a saying on Romulus - "Never turn your back on a Breen..."  and indeed, the Lancelot has proven time and time again that this is well thought out advise.

Current Simulation Commanding Officer: Cian C. Benoit
Current Simulation Executive Officer: Alexander (Sandy) P. Richardson

Starbase 98 - Intelligence Team IV

The Federation's First Line of Defense, occasionally its last line, Intelligence Team IV has as its theater of operations the darker side of the galaxy.  Designed for small, quick, and efficient missions, Intelligence Team IV has as its hallmark trait the necessity of a small, but creative and energetic crew.  Based within the confines of Starbase 98 - Star Fleet Intelligence's hub of operations, Intelligence Team IV functions within rigid structure to avoid flagrant super hero syndrome (shs) and to prevent unrealistic plot developments.  An interest in intense character development is a must as the sim borrows many of its traits from the noble Deep Space 9.

Current Simulation Commanding Officer: Robert M. Marini
Current Simulation Executive Officer: Moritz J.H. Kraft

USS Dauntless NCC-74564-C

The Dauntless, a Galaxy class vessel on a mission of exploration, represents the hallmark of Star Trek: The Next Generation within Tango Fleet - serving purposefully as a ship charged with the expansion of knowledge, the Dauntless - while certainly well equipped for the occasional fire fight - stays true to the mission of the USS Enterprise in seeking out new life and new civilizations, and going where no one has gone before.

Current Simulation Commanding Officer: Tom R. Hamilton (acting)
Current Simulation Executive Officer: Robert M. Marini (acting)

Outpost G-12 - Lacirem Nor

A Nor class station in orbit of the planet Tamoa IV - a Cardassian colony placed into Federation hands at the Dominion War's end, Outpost G-12 is the pinnacle of political intrigue in Tango Fleet - acting as a port of call for diplomacy and trade.  The Tamoan system, in the cross roads of Cardassian, Breen, and Tzenkethi space, represents a valuable trade route for all parties involved.

Current Simulation Commanding Officer: Tom J. Williams
Current Simulation Executive Officer: James P. Simpson

USS Bismarck - NCC-1108-B

The Dominion War, has been described as the greatest tragedy to become the United Federation of Planets (UFP), since her creation; and indeed the wars saw the undoing of more Star Fleet personnel, resources and ships than Wolf 359 or any of the subsequent Borg invasions. With the end of the conflict in the year in 2375 the United Federation of Planets, along with their war time allies the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire and the Cardassian Union began on the long road to the rebuilding and recovery.

The tried and tested Intrepid Class is both agile and fast, the most famous of her Class, the U.S.S. Voyager bore her crew home from the other side of the galaxy. Within Star Fleet the Intrepid Class is considered one of the newer staples of the fleet, in most cases capable of feats beyond its specifications.

With consideration of the vast area the United Federation of Planets (UFP) covers it can be considered that the USS Bismarck has a large operational area and an array of responsibilities to the UFP and her allies. Protecting the territorial sovereignty of the UFP, providing security and defense for her citizens, ensuring the observation of the UFP interests, and furthering the scientific and explorative knowledge of Star Fleet and the United Federation of Planets.

Currently stationed at the Gamma Nexus of the Bajoran wormhole, the Bismarck has embarked on a journey of discovery, exploring the true extent of unknowns in the Gamma Quadrant.

Current Simulation Commanding Officer: Michael T.J. Brittain
Current Simulation Executive Officer: Kevin Mitchell

USS Pegasus - NCC-53847 D

An Akira class fighter carrier relegated to patrol duty in the wake of peace, the Pegasus has embarked upon a mission of exploration, going into high-conflict areas that more poorly equipped ships could not, carrying sufficient teeth to bring with it a sense of Star Fleet's dedication to certain causes.  

Current Simulation Commanding Officer: Graham Thomson
Current Simulation Executive Officer: Daniel B. Lewis

...and announcing...

USS Proteus NCC-78359

A Prometheus class vessel, capable of multi-vector assault and intensive scientific operations, the Proteus operates in a "general" capacity within the confines of the United Federation of Planets, normally operating within the realms of strategic and tactical support, promotion of UFP interests, maintenance of territorial sovereignty, peace keeping, exploration, and diplomatic outreach.

After a hiatus of several years, the Proteus has been restarted, once again under the Command of its founder and Tango Fleet's Commander-in-Chief - Tom Hamilton.  Serving as Executive Officer is former CinC of The 25th Fleet - Paul J. Tinworth.  


Current Simulation Commanding Officer: Tom R. Hamilton
Current Simulation Executive Officer: Paul J. Tinworth

** Tango Fleet Executive Staff Manifest **
=/\= For General Operational Inquiries =/\=
Commander-in-Chief: Tom R. Hamilton
Deputy Commander-in-Chief: Steven J. Marriott

=/\= For Disciplinary Queries =/\=
Judge Advocate General: Cian C. Benoit

=/\= For Issues Pertaining to Individual Simulations =/\-
Task Force Commanding Officer - Task Force 14: Lyn M. Merical
Task Force Commanding Officer - Task Force 39: James P. Simpson

=/\= For Enrollment Inquiries =/\=
Academy Commandant: Michael T.J. Brittain

=/\= For Fleet Support Material Including Technical Databases and Other Reference Material=/\=
Chief of Fleet Operations: Graham Thomson
=/\= For All Advertisement Related Inquiries and All Other Inquiries=/\=
Chief of Fleet Logistics: Robert M. Marini

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