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Who wants to be a member of the USS Enterprise E?


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USS Enterprise - the legend

Do you want to be a member of the legendary USS Enterprise's crew?
Ship - USS Enterprise E
Time - After the Movie Insurrection
SIMM - PBeM (Playing by email, a system has been set up for players' convenience that posting entries will be sent out to every player in the game in an email simultaneously as the entries get posted on the site)

Positions open:
Regular Crew:
Commander William Riker - First Officer
Lieutenant Commander Data - Second Officer/Chief Operations
Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi - Counsellor
Lieutenant Commander Beverly Crusher - Chief Medical Officer
Commander Geordi La Forge - Chief Engineering Officer
Visiting Crew: (required for the mission, will be permanent members of this crew in this simm)
Worf - Ambassador
Wesley Crusher - Post to be applied by applicants, as long as it is logical from his personal history.
Creative Crew:
Chief Science Officer and assistants
Operations Officer and assistants
Chief Security Officer and assistants
Chief Intelligence Officer and assistants
and many more await for your creation!

This is a PBeM simm where experienced simmers unite to create another part of the Enterpirse's history. If you just want to have a position and do not plan to post, I am afraid this is not the simm for you.

We also welcome new simmers who lack experience in this game. The creative crew is for your imagination to reside.

Is anyone interested?


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Quote (kirkfan5 @ July 29 2006, 10:22 pm)

PBEM=Play by email


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Yes, PBeM is the short form of playing by e-mail. The game will be taken place on a website where posts will be sent out as emails through our system to every member in the game, and simultaneously being posted on the website.
We will mainly do PBeM; however, if the mission requires live simm, we can adjust it to a live chat based one too.
Feel free to visit our website.


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Just an update:
More positions open:

Wesley Crusher - coming over from his previous assignment at the player's creation and imagination.


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I thought data was the chief ops officer.


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Yes, he is the second officer and the chief operations officer.
Ha, I see I have the chief operations twice here. Thanks!

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