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Your Captain's Chair


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Report this Jul. 27 2006, 9:40 pm

Should it be possible once captains have recieved their first ship to pick what kind of chair they get?  That would totaly add to the fun factor to the game since the "Captain's Chair" has so much significance in Star Trek.

What about the little displays on the arm rests? I think it would be cool if you could customize what was on those little screens, instead of a clunky HUD display while your sitting in the chair looking in first person view.  

If you want info on the ship during a battle you ask the different officers but you can decide to have the ships damage map on the little display and the status of the enemy ship on the other display.

Or during normal operations you have the ship's speed and distance to destination and so forth.

Skrasis  :logical:


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I think that would be an excellent aspect of the game. It would add a personalized aspect to the game that would keep players engaged. Besides it would cool to access information without having to worry about asking all the bridge crew. Besides, as Captain, you may want to access information without all the crew knowing what you are thinking.

Sukotto  :rookie:


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as long as i get to put decals on the outside of my ship like go faster flames and alloy nacelles i will be happy :D


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Lol,Damn Right


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I agree, we should be able to customize our captain's chair with different displays. I would also like it if you could do your CC from different time periods, I would like a Kirk-style chair...:rookie:


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It would be interesting to have your control panels customized for certain classes as well.

The readouts could be for, say, an Engineer captain, could be made to readout warp core functions, and power fluctuations and such.

Then, the captain's chair could be outfitted with hydrolics or something so it swivels around by a few buttons on the chair. Wouldn't mind doing some funny hydro movements like I'm in a lowrider while on the bridge.

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