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Officer Ranks and Command


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I haven't seen much on this topic discussed (not much time to search for random threads either) but am curious of what the dev's opinions are on managing the chain of command in the game.

In the shows, Star Fleet is shown to be an organization with a distinct military command structure. While saluting is not required, senior officers are accorded a great amount of respect and appropriate subordinate behavior.

While obviously in an an online game, we don't want 12-year olds running around giving silly orders to people and then demanding security arrest anyone who doesn't, I would like to propose a means of engendering this important aspect of a command structure:

(1) A character's assignment implies a command structure to the assignment. There should be a tool available that shows that command structure on demand. This could be as simple as a command "tree" showing superior officers and subordnates assigned under that character. (This would be useful for department heads, etc.) These could be linked to some sort of comm channel for communications or text messaging/in-game email for giving/receiving orders.

(2) A superior officer can give commendations as well as discipline to subordinates. Commendations can take the physical of medals or citations, and could carry some sort of in-game "prestige" (if the game uses that concept) that helps the character out in some way. The disciplinary aspect can take away these factors. In a manner similar to multi-level sales/marketing, both of these rewards/penalty types will have also have an effect on the superior officer. Super subordinates increase the superior's fame, while bad subordinates (or bad disciplinary ratings given to them) can have the opposite effect.

(3) As officers gain rank, their command "reach" should likewise expand. Star Fleet is composed of many more ground or base personnel than on the ships. This is true of any naval force. Up through the rank of Captain, these are generally limited to one ship or base's operation, although special cases can be considered. If the game allows promotion into the Admiralty then we need the ability to expand this level of responsibility to sectors, quadrants, and ... ? What level of command can we actually aspire to in Star Fleet Online?

Comments welcome.


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