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Your 1st Mission?!?!?


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Report this Jul. 17 2006, 9:34 am

Ok after you finished your training at the academy, you head to your duty station, so once your there what will you 1st mission be?

For Tactical/ Security:

1. Help with station/ ship patrols, report anything unusual.

2. Help with a prisoner tranfer.

3. Help with ship/ Station weapon performance testing.

4. Fly a patrol in a shuttle using waypoint markers around the ship/ station.

For Medical:

1. Help with research on a new virus.

2. Help treat wounded people from a damaged frighter rescue.

3. Help examine crew for scheduled checkups.

4. Help to setup more medicine for field packs.

For Engineering:

1. Help run Warpcore checks

2. Help with computer checks

3. Help reset calibrations to electronic systems

4. Help to fix any down systems.

For Science:

1. Research New alien artifacts.

2. Research samples taken from dig sites.

3. Research Differrent gases from space.

4. Help Medical research a New Virus.

Well what would you pick as your 1st mission?


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Ill pick either one or two from Tactical/ Security, I would pick one to get familiar with the ship/station meet some people, and etc. And two just for the fun of it and maybe the prisoner could escape.


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I would pick Tatical/Security and for the first mission either Prisoner Transfer or Help with station/ ship patrols, report anything unusual


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Id pick Security/Tactical its always funner.


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Quote (1Romulan_Commander1 @ July 25 2006, 5:48 pm)
Id pick Security/Tactical its always funner.

Red shirts are allways funny when view from a blue shirt.


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Engineering 1


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my first mission. If we going by startrek standards of new initiates on starbases/starships.

Im going for getting infected with that killed desease that the doctor has only heard of once and from that single outbreak it wiped out a whole civilisation. Spends all time in sick bay while the captain reads poetry from some obscure french poet they found in the medical computer.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew have to ensure that noone else gets the desease by going back in time changing the past and implementing some kind of feedback loop in some startrek machine that saves the day.

Ps it kills at least 30 ensigns but they can always be replaced.


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"Heck with it, I'm headed to the main shuttle bay to check out a shuttlepod and get flight certified on it"......

How about an intern stop between the Academy and your first ship posting?  Get sent to a Stabase where you start learning tasks, developing skillsets, learning how to use the mission provider, practice working with groups, practice shuttle flight operations, run through some tutorials, catch up on lastest interstellar news and scuttlebutt,....

... or go down to the spacedock's observation port and watch that sad sack crew limp home in their starship.... their broken, venting atmosphere, leaking plasma conduits, burnt hull, several decks-open-to-space...starship for much needed repairs that could not be done in space or at a HUB starship.  Just stand there and watch it slide slowly into a slip to be worked on.  Even take a mission to go over and help with repairs.

After some time at the Starbase, then you get your first posting aboard a HUB starship.


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Anything from tactical/security.


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Tactical/Security for me most definitely.  I fully intend to work up the ranks through the command structure, and for me that kind of field would appeal to me most.

I'd definitely expect some sort of ground combat simulation in the first series of missions, as well.  For each field, I would expect to see enough missions in the first(beginner) series to ensure that you get a solid tutorial on everything in your field.  If you get a good idea of everything you may encounter with that field, you can specialize much easier.

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