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Who Would You Like To Meet At A Convention?


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I want to meet Marina Sirtis. I am hoping she can give a fellow Greek extra autographs or some good photos at the least. :D


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Quote (Zaltar @ July 09 2006, 6:19 am)
Who Would You Like To Meet At A Convention?

I would like to meet Patrick Stewart.

Shatner or Bakula. Anybody really.   :cool:


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The man who I will be meeting in November- Shatner. Patrick Stewart is #2. I used to want to meet Spiner, but lost respect for him years ago when he refused to meet fans in person unlike the other ST guest at a Slanted Fedora con. I still haven't gotten around to meeting Crosby. I'll give reviews of the others on this list I met:

Michael Dorn- I met him in 1995 in NYC at a Creation con. He refused to actually meet or talk fans. You had to hand the item you wanted signed to someone and you would get it handed back to you. Obviously that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Nichelle Nichols- She was the worst. I met her in 1995 at the Pasadena, CA 30th Anniversary Creation con. Her agent would look at everyones items before Nichelle would sign it. I had a TOS cast photo signed by other stars. Her agent said "Nichelle won't sign that." I asked why since it was an officially licensed Paramount photo. The reason was that the lower right part Uhura's face was partially covered (25%) by Leonard Nimoy. Last time I checked Nimoy was a bigger star then her and the fans pay Nichelle's bills. I noticed a couple years later that Nichelle went out of her way to have that photo altered via Photoshop and have herself inserted in place of Majel and the partially covered Uhura pic removed. What a pathetic egomaniac. Isn't Nichelle the same person that thought she deserved a more prominent role on TOS and was about to leave until MLK brought her back to reality? F her.

Marina Sirtis- I met her numerous times. It was at a point it was rare to find a Sci-Fi con without Marina as a guest. She was pretty nice but was clueless when she asked people what other guests they would like to meet. A guy mentioned Star Wars actors and she said "Why? Who cares about Star Wars?"

For whatever reason, you did not add Leonard Nimoy to the list. I met him in Boston for a book Signing for I Am Spock. His people wouldn't allow you to really talk to him to keep the autograph line moving and I just said hi to him.


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I think Nichelle is the NICEST and SWEETEST person I have EVER met at a convention, my dad was volenteering at the convention, and when I went up to get an autograph, she signed it, and gave me a signed copy of Saturna's Child for Free, which was a $60 value!!! ($40 for the signed book, $20 for the auto)

Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn are both WONDERFUL people. After he spoke, I went to his booth and just stood there and we talked for a good hour, the only thing is that he doesnt want to get his pic taken with a flash, because he normally flies in (he pilots the plane) and all the flashes dialate his eyes so he is unable to fly for a while after the con is over, so he is forced to stay in a hotel. Both he and Spiner are very person, asking for the name, and when he was speaking, he tries to remember the persons name from when he was signing. These conventions are great, it helps people to realize that these are just normal people, who go to work every day, have a family, and need to relax.

I have no desire to EVER meet William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy, sure Id like an Auto, but Id rather get one off ebay for $30 than pay at least $60 in person. They seem to be Arrogant Jerks!!! Have you ever wondered why NONE of the TOS cast LIKE THEM?!?! And I have also heard that many of Shatners other cast members dont like him either. If you need proof on Shatner and/or Nimoy just watch Mind Meld: The Voyage of a Life Time.


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Anyone wanna meet me?? I dont mind giving autographs!

(and I have done a couple of times..after Ive finished the gigs I have been singning at!;)

:laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:


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Tough choice.


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Quote (Ail @ July 10 2006, 8:49 pm)
linda park, esp. if i could get abig kiss. :)

no surprise. ¿;)

I wouldn't mind meeting most of them...especially Stewart, Brooks, Bakula, and Nimoy.


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i cant decide, anyone one of them on the poll is fine for me.


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already met most of them


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The Shat is a jerk, this comes from someone very close to him


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ramen noodles

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