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Who Would You Like To Meet At A Convention?


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Who Would You Like To Meet At A Convention?

I would like to meet Patrick Stewart.


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I have already met everyone on the list except Stewart, Shatner (NO interest in meeting the JERK), Brooks, Bakula, and Billingsly. But would like to meet Stewart most, then Brooks, Bakula, then Billingsly

Nichelle Nichols is really nice, my dad was a volunteer at the con, and she gave him a free autographed postcard, and her Saturna's Child book signed, both free, it was worth about $60 if you bought them. Michael Dorn is really cool. The thing with my dad working at the con is that he gets to talk to the actors when they dont have a line, and I am usually with him. It makes the experience even better. I would rather go to this and get to have the casual talk at the comic con, then go to a strictly ST con, which would also be cool.

I think this helps to make them more real. On tv they dont seem like real, but when you talk to them personally about whatever (no always even Star Trek) you realize that they are human just like we are.


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Patrick Stewart.  No contest.


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linda park, esp. if i could get abig kiss. :)


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Why do you think Shatner is a jerk?


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Got to literally rub elbows with Delann from B5 this weekend! LOL!


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Crosby & Spiner


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William "Captain Kirk" Shatner. I have tickets for a pic and an autograph.


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Scott Bakula


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Well I cay say 'none', since I've already seen all of the ones up there. :cool:


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Colm Meaney and Jeri Ryan.  Then, I will have met everyone.


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All of the Above :D

Ok i can only vote one, that'll be William Shatner (Kirk)


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Nichelle Nichols was doing a mall thing years and years ago here (1969 or 70 maybe) and she sang and gave me a autographed photo. I remember her as being awful nice.


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denise crosby and brent spiner. in that order.

and then anyone from the ST:TNG cast.


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Shatner and Nimoy...I get my wish in September.

Thank you Chicago and Creation!!!

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