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Report this Aug. 08 2006, 2:13 pm

In the finest tradition of Trek, we should invent a particle or metal that protects newbies. Noobium made by firing ionised Nuubine Gas at Noobicite ore. Of course if they are wearing a Gold Security uniform and they don't have there name in the opening credits nothing can help them.

Currently wearing a nubistatic shield powered with leet-roxoride plasma...
Max (who knows he ain't funny :p )


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Report this Aug. 09 2006, 7:11 pm

"Considering this is a Star Trek massive multiplayer online game, I would suspect the equivalent of 'your a noob' to be 'you are a cadet'," the Vulcan said. After a moment of no one laughing at his attempt at corrective humor, he raised his eyebrow.
?"Intriguing. Perhaps you would like to hear the joke in reference to an ensign and the Tholian ambassador entering some form of bar?"

(shrugs) ?:logical:

I think we'll find obnoxious people within any game we get involved in. What I have noticed is a higher level of maturity from a nice amount of Star Trek fans. Star Trek characters have a sophistication that Star Wars and many other franchise characters don't.

Considering we are in some form of military, I'm certain you'll find people expecting you to uphold Starfleet regulations and general social ettiquette. At least, I hope. It depends on what ship you sign up for and whether they're role-playing or gaming.

If you want to avoid obnoxious jerks calling you a 'noob, noobie, or nublet(te)', I'd suggest joining a role-playing guild. People who take role-playing a little more seriously will boot those few who would rather not be respectful.

As for on the forum, I have noticed a lot of rude behavior. I find it discomforting. I believe the best way of handling them is to follow the forum guidelines.

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2. DO NOT reply to the post.
Often, these types of posts are there just to get attention. If you ignore an offensive post, you have defeated its purpose. If you react, you're just playing their game, and they win.

Having a differing opinion is very different from demeaning behavior. We need more nice people. I think we'll have more nice people if we appropriately modify the behavior of or weed out the bad ones.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Live long and prosper.

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