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Say "NO" to new Trek film


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what is the new film about


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What is the new film about?


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Well, no one knows for sure yet, but according to a somewhat recent article, it was going to revolve around Kirk and Spock's early days in the Academy.  However, now we're not sure about anything anymore because of this article.  Star Trek XI News


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Quote (KamikazeScott @ April 22 2006, 5:01 pm)
Let the people at paramount know that the fans of Star Trek do not like the new movie stortline. Write to them at:

Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038

(BTW, if anyone can find an e-mail address to make this easier, please post it.)

please let them know the stuido know and the news papers and the hollywood reported know all about the stuido ok.


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I think there should be another Movie with the Enterprise-E. With Nemesis the phrase was the begging of the End for a Generation. So that means That they might be planning something with the TNG crew or whats left of them (R.I.P. Data). But im gonna wait and see before i begin getting my hopes up for something like that


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Anything said about the movie storylines are rumor. Untill something official has come out, that is the only thing you can rely on. Although you can't always rely on official sources either.

We won't know if the next Star Trek movie should come out or not untill it actually comes out. Then we can decide if it should have come out or not have come out at all, or at least have someone else make the movie with another script.

And as for Star Trek going to the grave, it didn't go to the grave when ST:TOS was canceled. As long as we have a cult of fanatically insane nerds devoted to the cause of the holy Star Trek, it should be fine.

End log.

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Quote (TashaYar86 @ April 23 2006, 3:43 am)
The movie will kill ST! ¿:angry:

I thought Enterprise already did that.


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I say that a non-trek fan produces the movie...I think that if a trek fan makes the script, he/she will make a movie of what they want to see, which most likely is not what all the fans might want.

I say that If there's a producer that sees what a specific group wants, and is able to wrap that in a quality package, regardless of any personal views, we will have a good trek movie.


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i think people should stop complaining and wait to see what comes of it.. there is no final story, if even a working one, there is nothing dead about star trek, its just taking a break, and people who think it should be over dont have to watch it do they? let the ones who are excited about it be excted, as we dont know what could come of it yet, hopefully, in my case, i hope for a lot more in the time to come. id love to see another series or several, and more movies, they have the break now and the chance to get some good ideas down so they can come back with something better.

Just cus its not the greatest things that have been heard recently it doesnt mean there isnt a way to put things right.


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I propose a new letter writing campaign to say no to letter writing campaigns that say no to a new Trek film ;)

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