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Report this Mar. 14 2006, 8:19 am

Dear Trekkers,
I'm from Indonesia! I wanted to say that a few months ago, German scientists have come up with face recognition technology which can control the movement of objects (like a wheel chair for example) for the physically impaired by bowing one's head to the left, the object moves left. There is a compact camera mounted at the front of the chair facing that person recording the person's every move. Imagine if computers can be controlled using face recognition technology, we won't be needing a mouse any more. Also imagine a computer with face recognition technology enabling it to sense the mood of that person and engage in a conversation with that person according to the data collected (sort of like Artificial Intelligence). It would be amazing. I also would picture the future where we would have slim-curvilenear touch screen consoles mounted on the bridge of a starship and in the engine room. Do you know that the Dutch company Phillips has come up with a mirror that functions as a screen too?. It is thin and light so that you can hang it on the wall. It even functions as a touch screen too. Imagine starships having that kind of technology, it would be awesome. Dear Trekkers, is it scientific to imagine a technology where you can "call" a console from a wall, it flies to you and hovers in front of you in order to tap command controls on it. It would have something to do with manipulating gravity. I wonder why in Star Trek films, they don't have 3D-touch sensitive-holographic-tactical displays on the bridge and in the captain's ready room? Sorry I asked... it was just a thought! What's your comment?

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