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1 hr podcast on STO with exec producer


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Report this Mar. 12 2006, 4:22 am

tune your dials to Sunday evening PST (approx)

 Hailing Frequency, the first podcast dedicated to Star Trek gaming is happy to announce Episode 15 is in the final stages of editing and should be out Sunday evening...with an hour long interview with the executive producer of Star Trek Online, Daron Stinnett!  
  We asked for e-mails and audio submissions from multiple communities and recieved a few that got played and read during the show. Was it yours?

 Though it is going out a bit later than planned it is the FIRST podcast interview given by Perpetual Entertainment out of thanks to the folks in the community who came together to make the community podcast Hailing Frequency happen.
   There should be more interviews keep any questions or comments you want answered on-air by Perpetual coming in!

THANK YOU for listening and we are always working to get you the best STO info out there.

( a toon about the show):


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wtf? whats that?

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