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Report this Jan. 09 2008, 10:31 pm

The 501st Fleet is ready to accept applications for anyone's ship and their crew!!! Send me your application, my e-mail is


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Report this Jan. 14 2008, 6:46 pm

I am Captain Javin Kile of Task Force 72. I am the Task Force's Morale officer, one of the TF's FNS Reps, and the Commanding Officer of the USS Liberty.

Task Force 72's standard mission is of tactical interdiction and exploration. We invite you to take a look at some of these ships, and maybe even join the crew. With your help, TF72 and Bravo Fleet can continue to provide quality simming to everyone. Thanks!

Task Force 72 has the following Structure of simms:

Command Squadron:

Romulan Defense Base (TFCO's Flagbase)
Avalon Fleet Yards(TFXO's Flagbase)
Deep Space 12 (TFCoS' Flagbase)
USS Kingfisher

21st Squadron:
USS South Carolina (SQCO's Flagship)
USS Liberty
USS Pathfinder
USS McKenzie (Site Pending)

22nd Squadron
IRV Devoras (Site Pending) (SQCO's Flagship)
USS Pacifica
Starbase 99
USS Phantom

23rd Squadron
USS New Jersey (SQCO's Flagship)
USS Wisconsin
USS Missouri  (OPEN FOR CO Application)
USS Iowa (OPEN FOR CO Application)

Thank you,
Captain Javin Kile
Commanding Officer USS Liberty
Task Force FNS Liason
Task Force Morale Officer
Task Force 72


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Report this Feb. 02 2008, 4:14 pm

Fleet Admiral Avari Lilke of Immortal Hope Fleet. ¿We're looking for new ships and crews.  Please contact me at if you're interested.

I have also started a Star Trek board of my own. ¿

Trying to get it up an running. ¿Please feel free to take a look :)


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Report this Feb. 12 2008, 1:34 pm

Home Fleet -

Offers PBEm, IRC and Multiplatform

Major General Mike "Phantom" Johnson
Home Fleet Commander


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Report this Feb. 14 2008, 2:14 am


Geneva Fleet Simulations is recruiting for several positions. Please email me for any inquiries at FCO@GenevaFleet.Org

- Director, Training & Development
- Director, Personnel & Staffing
- Director, JAG & Legal Affairs
- Director, Fleet Installations
- Commander, Task Group 1A-CO
- Commander, Task Group 1B-CO
- Commandant, Air Wing
- Commandant, Marines

The website: Geneva Fleet

The site is still under construction, please bare with us while we perfect it.


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Report this Feb. 22 2008, 2:47 am

Phoenix Fleet.

Phoenix Fleet Website

Stationed along the Romulan, Cardassian Border. Starfleet has charged the fleet with providing security for the Federation Colonies in that Sector.
We currently have one Task Force, Task Force 11; with 4 Task Groups in it. Each Task Group deals with a specific time period.

The Fleet is new and just starting out. Has 3 experienced Officers currently on the Fleet Command Staff with positions open both within the Task Force, Fleet Command Staff, and ships.

Looking for active players willing to take on the challenge of a starting fleet.

-Admiral Valrek
Phoenix Fleet


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Report this Mar. 01 2008, 10:22 am

Unyeiding Honor

commanded by the IKS Warfighter my ship it is a modifed Kvort refit:honorable:
join me if you want i only recruit Klingons:honorable:

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