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Xi Fleet was founded over a year ago and still stands today. For those of you who have been RPGing a long time you may remember the USS Yellowstone, USS Horizon, USS Trapix and PSI Fleet all great simms. The commanding officers decided to merge their ships into one fleet, Xi Fleet. The fleet has recently been adjusted with the USS Horizon as flag ship, commanded by Josh Paris, thne USS Pheonix under the command of Justin Credible attached to Starbase Firestorm, named in memory of a member who sadly lost his life commanded by Commodore Chris Britton and home to Admiral David Hunt. Join this great simm today, you won't be dissapointed. Open positons are below, please apply on site, the link is above
USS Horizon

Captain Joshua Paris

XO- Senior Commander Matt Broad
Second Officer/ Chief Engineer: Commander

Chief of Security: Commander Gabriella Stevens
Chief Science Officer: Lt. Preciosa
Head of Operations: Lt. Commander Dave Lister
Chief Counsilor: Lt. Alexis Deandra
Chief Medical Officer: Scope Andersson
Chief Helm OPEN
Chief Intelligence Officer OPEN
Hazard Team leader OPEN

Melissa Paris, Captain's Daughter
any Civillian positon open

Starbase Firestorm

Commanding officer: Commodore Chris Britton
First Officer: Commander Kita Erin
Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant Commander Tyra Crawford
Chief of Station Security and Second Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jon Davies
Enginnering Officer: OPEN
Intelligence Officer OPEN
Chief Medical Officer OPEN
Chief Counselor OPEN
Chief Science Officer: Open
Chief Intelligence Officer: Open

(Starbase Firestorm is also the Command Base of Xi fleet. Admiral David Hunt is therefore stationed aboard the Starbase. You will also be given a positon abaord the USS Pheonix)

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