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Wing Commander RPG


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Report this Mar. 01 2006, 12:02 pm

The forums based RPG, Wing Commander: Against All Odds is looking for additional task force commanders tho help in humanity's struggle against the kilrathi. Set in 2658, players take the role of task force commanders assigned to one of the Confederation fleets currently battling against kilrathi forces. Players can interact with other players who may be fellow task force commanders, sector commanders, and high command. They can also interact with the GMs who take the role of the kilrathi forces as well as other characters players may encounter during their movements.

We have been active for about a year now, expanding as more members have joined and currently have about twenty active players. We are currently looking for more as we have open slots and are planning on expanding and adding more features in the future.

Check us out at: Wing Commander: Against All Odds

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