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Provisional DATABASE of Starfleet Members


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Report this Feb. 28 2006, 8:15 am

Okay, this may have been done before, but I don't care, so read on:

This is a Provisional Database of Starfleet Members that will be available for all players to view. I will start with my own:

The following provisional Information will be required:

Treat all topics as 'ingame' info:

Starfleet Academy Major:
Starfleet Academy Minor:
Brief Biography: (If your Rank is higher than 'ensign', you must say exactly how you obtained each succeeding field comission or how you were promoted; just be creative!;)
Hobbies & Interests:
Goals For The Future:
Favourite Food:
Worst Food:

Here's My own one I created to start everyone off/Remember that this is PROVISIONAL and not OFFICIAL, since we have nearly 2 years to wait! We can do one every six months or so, by the end of it all, we'll know eachother when the game comes out!!:

Name: Celia DeQuincy

Sex: Female (woohoo!!;)

Rank: Ensign

Medals: Graduated 4th Rank from Top at Academy Medical woohoo!!

Starfleet Academy Major: Medicine

Starfleet Academy Minor: General Space Science

Brief Biography: My main talents lie in the area of biology/medicine of Humanoid species, specialising in the area of Neurobiology and Telepathic Redundancies of Empathic/Telepathic species. This was my Academy major and final year project, but I minored in General Space Science for which I had a love for since I was a child. I graduated as a Junior Medic and minor Space Scientist, therefore, but my ambition in this field led me to work full-time as an assistant Cartographer at the University of Alaska with a Doctor Premula Anderson. I worked with Dr. Anderson for two years after which, at my own proposal, she offered me a pHD in the construction of a Gravimetric Model that Scans and Recapitulates the Stellar Activity and Nucleosynthetic Evolution of the Polaris Nebulae Clustar (lol) :p. I am just finishing this study, after which I will be a qualified Ensign of Astrophysics. I will always be a first-rate Medic, but my main passion lies in Stellar Cartography and various other sciences.

Hobbies & Interests: Stellar Cartography in General!! Reading about Stellar Phenomenon, Exobiology and Neurology... Away from the Academics I love to Swim and Cycle.

Favourite Food: Betazoid Pasta with Jelly :p
Worst Food: Anything Klingon..

Goals For The Future: I hope to continue my studies aboard the first vessel that I am assigned to. My ultimate goal is to be Head of Science aboard a vessel but if that's not available, then I'll settle for a Science Assistant.

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