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I have some questions regarding how this game will work.

You start off in SF:academy and choose your role science, medic, security, engineer etc etc each with its own skills set and abbilities. learn the basics of the chosen role and then join a crew of a ship.

This is the bit were im left in the dark, is each ship in a static possition, say in orbit of planet X were you choose missions based on exploring/fighting on this planet. Or is each ship free roaming with a small community of a hundered or so, lead by a captian going were he/she wants?.

In SWG you could choose from a number of planets to explore/fight or sell goods. In STO is this going to be simillar you pick and change ship based on what planet you want to explore, with the planets available changing regularly. Or is each ship going to have a work station for everyone, needing a team effort to do anything.

I have read the STO weblog but it wasnt very clear or a missed this bit.


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The idea of the starter/training ships is just that. They are large ships, some being Galaxy class, they are there to allow you to make contacts and start off in nice environment. The idea is that they are places for you to take missions from, in shuttles or aboard the vessel. This is what makes them hubs, following this, you can graduate to taking out TC ships or joining a dedicated crew.
I think, not fully sure, that it was mentioned somewhere that they would be locked in certain patrol routes, which would make sense, since the bridge will be instanced, it would otherwise cause issues. Of course the PC and TC ships will not be restricted in these ways.


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That is exactly the way i think it will be aswell. Its just some people in this forum and others seem to have the idea that you will be able to be a captain of a large starship and start taking over the universe with your freinds at the helm. Were infact it will be more like SWG but with the planets changing every so often. And the space combat will be more like the STC games, played in a 2D playing feild, only with shuttles and runabouts....

Unless the developers come up with something new for this MMORPG its not going to be very good.

It would be good if it were possible to have your own starship after some time, like to become a Captain you must have finished all caracter classes, have ship available and then get elected. Each ship could have a specific mission that cant be altered. And the number of ships is limited to the number of people on the server. if you lose a ship your not a Captain anymore. There are ways that they could do it and still involve everyone on the ship in each desicion that the Captain has made.


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Umm You MIGHT be able to control the bigger starships just NOT at the start and ONLY if you play with a large group of people. The Devs have said that they want the huge ships to be a "reward" for group play, and they seem uninterested in catering to the Solo Player past maybe a Sabre or Defiant. Of that I am very happy. I mean if you can't play with others, then Star Trek shouldn't be for you.

There is no more helm. Atleast no more players AT the helm. The helm still exists it's just has a statue-esque NPC sitting at it.

They said you will be able to get your own ship. I would THINK Commanders can get small ships or be stationed at Starbases, while Captains get access to more ships. Also I think Prestige and Skills have a big thing to do with what SIZE and TYPE of ships you can have as a captain. However I am just guessing there.

The devs haven't specifically said, but hinted at that the Galaxy Hub (the only starship hub we know of right now, and YES there will be Starbases and Stardocks, and ect) not being stationary. They didn't come out and say it but in a response to one of my posts at (which I copied over to this forum in it's own thread) they said they were thinking along those lines. So it will probably patrol certain sectors around LARGER galactic hubs IE Starbases or "Transwarp Hubs".

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