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Why cant towns of over 3 million have a ST convent


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I emailed the convention coordinators a few months ago about having a ST convention in my Town the hometown of Gene Rodenberry. El Paso Texas. And they said they would be unable to host a convention here because it isnt big enough .. Well we have a sister city across the border.. From the air we look like one big city.. And both cities combined we have over 3 million..  And we also have little towns around us tat are well within driving distance to a convention.. We have had only 2 conventions here in my town which i dont get at all because this town is the town where the Creator of the show and fad all of us on this web site love and cherish ..  My trekkie friends and I were conversing over this topic a while back and we wanna do a ST convention here in our town.. But we have no money.. And it would be great if the coordinators see this message and overlook their choice.. They are truly acting like ferengi and they go only where there is most profit.. But they are blinded by their lust for profit and do not look at the potentials of this town.. We have alot of ppl in the area and of course ppl fly in from other cities for the conventions as well. So we are on a potnetial gold mine.... What do you think me and my fellow trekkie do for our predicimat.. Should we email the coordinators and tell them what we think of our plan .. Or should we have someone locally try to host one.. I need insight.. Any advice or comment that your have on the matter would be appreciated.. I thank you..

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Well, in the Star Trek future, there is no money in the Federation. Everyone is happy with what they have and ar all striving for something special, except for people like Boothby who enjoys being a janitor at Starfleet Academy.

Roddenberry's message is that we all need to start focusing on developing our abilities and not be selfish, greedy, materialistic consumed with making money. That is why actors like Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn are now millionaires. Because of Roddenberry's vision of an egalitarian future, you have helped them become rich and famous. You need to stop worrying about money, and contribute more of your $$$ to the Star Trek future. :p


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There was a show in El Paso in Nov 2003 and they had almost the entire original cast (only Nimoy was missing).  It was to celebrate the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium.  There was quite a bit of advertising and the turn out was VERY dissapointing.   I suspect the promters lost money on that show; doubt anyone will do a show there in the future.


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Unfortunately it comes down to economics.  The people who put on the convention need to make money, or at the very least break even, otherwise they won't be willing to put on another convention.  Just because a city has 3M people living in it, doesn't mean that you will have a large number of sci-fi fans.  I wish everyone lived close enough to a convention so they could attend one at least once in their life.

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