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For those who do not know Star Trek Online is an MMO based in the Star Trek universe.  Here is a good site for some information on the game.
Now on with my job

Hello I am Jolkurta, recruiting office of STOfleet.  STOfleet(name subject to change) are currently recruiting for Star Trek Online a MMORP that will be coming out in a few years.  We know you may think it absurd to start a guild so early in a games development.  However there are some very valid reasons. First we would like to have a good leadership and comradely between our members long before the game every reaches beta stage.  Secondly so our name is out in the community and well known early on.  Third it will allow us to set up goals and rules so who will enter than game smoothly.

You may be asking the following questions.
Why should I join a guild this early; why dont I wait?

Joining a guild before launch will help you get to know you guild mates better and help move the guild in a direction you like.  Spending time on the forums will build bonds among other STOfleet members.  It will allow you to build friendships that will last through the game and beyond.  You will also have put time into the guild making you much more likely to get the promotions and the positions you want with in the guild.  Most importantly, such early stages of the guild there are a lot of things that need to be decided; you can give your input and help the guild with your opinions.  

What will I do in the guild before launch?

There is a lot you can do.  Posting on the forums is the main thing you can do.  Voice your opinion on the current topic being discussed.  Ask questions about the guild and make sure you know whats going on.  Also converse with guild mates on the General Topic Forum or over instant messaging programs.  This is all option; you could join and do nothing until the game comes out.

How can I join?

Just register on our forums at and fill out the information in the How to Join sticky in STOfleet Speak.

If you have any further questions my email is
Our website is

and thank you for your time.

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