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SENTINEL is a strong team of vessels and bases which have their priority mission in boarderline defence near the Cardassian, Tzenkethi and Breen territories. All our COs and their ships and crew are fitted to cope with the toughest, worst and most difficult.

Recently our team of Captains has been reinforced with new Commanding Officers, experienced and less experienced, able to offer assistance in the hardest missions.

The Nebula Class USS Bismarck, The Ambassador Class USS Missouri, Area 51 and the Sovereign Class USS Essex are a few examples of vessels and bases looking for motivated crewmembers willing to write the next chapter in their carreer.

If you are ready for some action and some quality simming? Head out to our recruitment panel and see for yourself SENTINEL has to offer you!

We offer you the chance to be a member of the crew of the only Norway class starship in the entire fleet! We also offer you the chance to be part of vast communities on one of our bases.

SENTINEL is taking the lead!

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