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Report this Feb. 02 2006, 1:56 am

This is a review to a thread started over at It is designed to not give you the WHOLE conversation but bits and pieces of information that came from over there. I will start first with an except from what I had to say.

-- .... I find the mere presence of Section 31 in the Star Trek Universe somewhat troubling. .... seems to run counter to both Prime Directive and the overall "spirit" of Star Trek.

-- .... sometimes the boy who's crying targ really is about to be mauled. And there's a lot of dramatic tension to be mined out of the suggestion that governments, even relatively "just" governments, need "monsters" to survive.

-- .... players in ST:O will be, by and large, focusing on their careers in Starfleet proper. Although Section 31 may very well have a role to play in the overall story, players' interactions with the organization (should they choose to have any), .... In short, we don't forsee turning Section 31 into a full-blown career path, complete with its own set of skills, ranks, etc.

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