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Quote (ScottMG @ Feb. 06 2006, 10:17 am)
Ignoring all the stuff about co-ordination between captain and helm, just what exactly would the captain have to do if they were both seperate? Give a command now and again? That does not sound very entertaining.

The way I see it the captain has to be an adminastrator. He/she directs the crew. This is the life you choose to be captain. I'm not saying that the captain should just sit in the chair and give orders, but that should be a large part of it. I honestly don't think that the captain position should be all that action packed. Their skill should be one that lets them sit back and observe and make decisions based on all of the crews input. I mean if this isn't to your likeing, don't go for the center seat. Captain of the ship should seem a bit boreing. Star ship captains need to be a bit of a lonely bread of sort. The first officer is the one who gets all of the action anyway. He is the captains right hand.


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the i see it is if your helms man disagrees with you every now and then well thats ok   but if he never shuts up the captian shood be able to kick him of the bridge!
i think its up to every body to ROLE PLAY in this game
1.Your about to go on a mission and you think it may involve combat  so you go out to the bridge were your senior staff should be on duty but your tatical officer i running around the ship being stupid while on duty.
2.Your in mid battle and your tell your helms man to warp out of here  but he is chatting to some dude on deck 5 and you fail the mission and you dont get your victory points.

now this game would suck if every body did this!   so i think 2 things should happen:

1.The captain shood be able to harshly punish crew (eg. loose rank)
2.When you first sign on to the game just after you get it from the shop  there shood be a message saying:
"to play this game you must role play"

i think that would fix things!

lousy non role players....
weres my gun.....


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MORPHES_0 that would kill the game as much as a too dumbed down system.

No one that would like to play the game just for fun would buy it then.
And that's a lot of players not buying it.

I think that punishment shouldn't be that hard. I think that players shouldn't have other punishment's than kicking a member from the party nad just not accepting it to play with.


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but think: what would this game be like if nobody was role-playing i would buy it then take it back and sign off like all true trekkies
this is not WoW which is a roam around lay back game does captian picard just fly around and shoot who ever he wants?!? or just spend ALL his time in the holodeck just shooting around like he was playing elite force!?! i dont think so
there should be some fun like being off duty or on shore leave or maybe they shood not force people to join starfleet, they could make it so nobody is in starfleet untill they join so people could hitch rides on starships and wonder around the galaxy now thats fun! :D
but if your a trekkie then being ordered around and following those orders and someday giving them and exploring the galaxy and seeking out new life and new civilisations and dont forget to boldy play were no MMOG player has played before!!! :rookie: :logical: :honorable:
ahhhh..... thats the life............


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Quote (MORPHES_0 @ Feb. 11 2006, 10:56 pm)
but think:  what would this game be like if nobody was role-playing

Good question, and the answer is:  It would be like every other MMO on the face of the planet.  

I am of course over simplfiying the situation.  However my point is simple.  If you come to this game expecting the majority of the player base to be roleplayers, then you are going to be vastly dissapointed.  With the exception of maybe NWN, there really isn't an MMO out there in which large portions of the player base "role-play."  Role play tends to be done by a small few in each MMO.  To expect STO to be any different is just foolish.  

I don't know of a single MMO that truly forces players to role play.  Even if one tried, how successful could it be?  The very idea that a person plays the game and pretends to be someone else and not a real life person working a avatar just blows right over the heads of a lot of players.  Most gamers wouldn't even really know how to roleplay even if someone they were forced into it.  The most you can probably expect is that your average gamer knowns that there is something called In Character chat and Out of Character Chat.  They might also know that OOC, if necessary, is often placed with ( ) or [ ].  

Now if you are talking about players simply acting the way a Star Fleet Officer should and not necessarily getting into true role-play, then you have some chance of doing this.  However the most you can do is encourage players to act in a certain way.  

If you force players to behave in a specific and restricitve manner you will probably end up pushing people out of the game because of a lack of player choice and freedom.  The feeling that you "have to do something" is not a concept that should be associated with entertainment.  "Have to do" is term associated with work and responsibility.  Games exist to provide a brief escape from those things, not to just jump into a virtual world filled with its owns stresses.  

The same goes for punishments.  If you punish players harsly for not acting like Star Fleet officers, they are not going to suddenly shape up.  More than likley they will simply leave the game.  Say nothing of the fact that you want to vest punitive power in the hands of players over other players.  Do I even need to explain why this would never work?


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i see were your going  so mabye people should role play to a point... im not saying that every body should act the same  im saying that they should at least pretend that they care about the ship   because there are people that just want to screw around and that would wreck the game for people trying to make there ship as honerable and respectable as the enterprise was and i would like to captian that ship or at leased be apart of it  whouldent you?  so when i start a clan i will make it for real role players   im not saying that i will leave people out  i will just ask them to role play when serving on my ship    thats all
and yea i am a big trekky fan  and i have always dreamed about being in starfleet  i have even writen a short story series containing 15 storys and elite force dident hit the spot when it came to being in starfleet so i am pritty serious when it comes to this! and if i had it my way  this game would be single player so i can realy fell what its like to be in starfleet


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Science officer


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Report this Apr. 21 2006, 2:34 am

Ok, in every other game I¿ve played, if you lose the tank, you wipe.  If you lose the healer, you wipe.  Losing any member of the team hurts your chances of success.  Sure, at the early stages, lower levels, you can get by with sloppiness, but at higher levels, the UBER portions, you need cooperation and coordination.  I don¿t know how the children in WoW get by, but serious players, in any game, act like a well-oiled team.  Yes, pick-up groups are horrid, I rarely find myself in one.  I mostly stay with the players who know what to do.

Each position has a job to do.  Each person in that position knows what is expected of them.  The tank trusts the healer to heal.  The healer trusts the tank to hold agro.  Same for the casters, who can dish it out but can¿t take it.  The group trusts the puller to die if he gets too many MOBs. I play a Wizard in EQII.  My job is to stand back and nuke¿em till they glow.  If I tried to stand on the front lines and tank, I¿d die fairly quickly.  The opposite is true for my Paladin Alt.  If he stands back and casts nukes, he is pretty much useless.  Sure, he makes a lousy healer, but he is a tank class and doing anything less is a waste of his abilities.

The same should be true on the bridge of a starship.  The Tac deals damage, the helm moves us, the engineers heal us, the Science are our eyes and ears.  And in the midst of it all is the Commander, filtering and making decisions.  Each team member will know their place and position.  Stupid people get kicked out and can¿t find groups after a while.

Likewise, each position can be boring.  What does Worf do when Picard wants to try diplomacy?  Stand around and update his attack plans?  What does Science do when there is nothing outside but space?  Sure, I might just put in the coordinates and press the big red engage button, BUT IT¿S MY ONLY JOB ON THIS STUPID SHIP AND I¿M GOING TO DO IT!

Somewhere I also read that Tac might get to control the ship in some situations.  I also read once that the 2D combat could be changed after you got more experience.  Seems to make sense, the better pilot you are, the more you can get out of the ship¿s movement.  Perhaps you can make Helm part of Ops, like Data on STNG.

The thing is, I¿ve been wanting to play Sulu/Paris.  Now I have to pick another career, and if I want to pilot, be less as good at my first profession as the folks who went straight class.  A jack of all trades, master of none?

Yeah, he¿s a fair Tac Officer.  Not as good as anyone else, but hey, he can pilot a ship once he makes Captain.

As in any game, the ones who choose pure career will dominate in those fields more than those who spread themselves out more.  The pure tank or the pure healer progress much faster and are more in demand.  I can see where the current plan, instead of making the Captain more important, will make him a dunsil.  

Hey, lets get a mission.  
Ok, LF Captain so we can play.  No experience necessary.
I found a newbie Captain.
Great, get him. Tell him after he gets us the mission, all we need him to do is sit in the center seat and not touch anything.  Maybe we can get him a level or two.

What¿s to stop me from following my straight career path to the top, then investing in Leadership points when it is easier?  In EQ, this is like putting all my exp into leveling, and then when I¿m max level, putting it all into Alternate Advancement.  You actually progress faster this way than if you tried to do both at the same time.

So, what has STO got to offer Tom Paris?  No wonder he joined the maquee.  Pick any career, it doesn¿t matter what cause you won¿t be a master of it.  You have to sacrifice your experience to Command if you want to pilot.

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