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Ascension: The Phoenix Project-USS Epsilon


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In the autumn of 2374 the safety of Earth and her inhabitants came the closest to being destroyed than in the last fifty years. This danger came in the guise of the Borg, who again attempted to flatten Federation resistance and assimilate Earth. Although foiled Starfleet and Indeed the entire Federation knew that danger lay only as far as a transwarp conduit could reach. This, coupled with the ever more menacing threat of the Dominion and Cardassian Alliance, Starfleet was forced to commision many new Starship Developement Projects, each unique in there aproach and concept.
This is the story of the Epsilon Project, the most advanced Federation Project as yet undertaken. Utilising massive theoretical and practical advances in Subspace Mechanics and field control a new form of Stealth technology was created. Although much less effective than the cloaking devices developed by the Klingon and Romulan empires this new stealth technology was designed to narrowly elude the intricacies of the Treaty of Algeron and not risk a full scale war with the Romulan Star Empire.

This new technolgy, termed Transitional Subspace Phase Displacement (TSPD), creates a unique geodesic subspace field around the ship, reducing it's sensor visibility by 80% and allowing vessels equipped with this technology to undertake missions which Starfleet, until now, would not have dared to put into action.

However, shortly after the launch of the prototype vessel, the USS Epsilon, the Research and Development center was destroyed by a group of Multi-species Terrorists, known only as The Shard. During this attack, the entire Research team responsible for the vessel and her unique technology were killed and all data on the project lost. Ratlled by this brazen attack, Starfleet chose to put the Epsilon where no-one could reach her in a secure depot somewhere in the Antares Sector.

With the new political instability in the Alpha Quadrant caused by the events of the Dominion War, the USS Epsilon was pressed into service as a front-line border patrol vessel. Due to the classified nature of the ship's technology, one of Starfleet's most experienced crews was chosen, from the decommisioned USS Equinox.

Now, in 2379 the USS Epsilon is one of the Sectors largest and well armed vessels, fulfilling a wide variety of missions under the experienced command of Commander Jeddran Torill.

Visit the USS Epsilon at her website

USS Epsilon

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Ascension: The Phoenix Project

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