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Galen Station is located in the space system known as System-B5670 1.2 light years away from the Galen system and was built in the mid 23rd century as a private trading outpost by a rich 'fuel' tycoon by the name of Mr Sorrosub. It was used until late 2378 to sell on the rare gasses and elements mined from the nearby nebula and also as a general market place where any goods could be bought and sold. Often these goods were illegal in nature and often so were the people doing the selling. Fights were frequent and so to were attacks on shipping in the local area. Sorrosub, of course, turned a blind eye to most of this, unless of course it affected any of his ventures, which were curiously left alone.

In early 2379 and with the premature death of Mr. Sorrosub, Galen Station was passed over to Starfleet as he had wished in his will, since he had no other heirs to speak of. After an initial survey of the Station, Starfleet Command did not want anything to do with it. The Station was almost useless to them and even the original systems did not meet up to basic Starfleet specifications. That is without considering that no maintenance or repairs had ever been carried out on her since she was commissioned.
However several sections of Starfleet disagreed with Starfleet Command and lead by the Director of Intelligence for the area, Syphon Drake, successfully appealed to Starfleet Command to change their minds and prove that the Station could act as a useful deterrent in this area of space. Starfleet handed the station to Captain Elliott Rema-Quen and his crew, fresh from the academy, their job to bring her up to speed and turn her from the den of inequality, crime and lawlessness into a frontier station worthy of the name Starfleet.

To build upon the new area of space given to Starfleet, three colonies were set up near by to Galen Station; Huish and Beara, asteroid settlements rich in metals and materials, and Sknah, a moon orbiting Fraxinella, the third gas giant of the Pinoch system. These colonies, combined with the pre-settled planet Galen IV in the Galen system, became Galen Stations primary responsibility, to help them grow and flourish into fully-fledged members of the Federation.

Then the Datsu came. After an initial assault by the Datsu was successfully repelled, Galen Stations four colonies, Galen IV, Beara, Huish and Sknah were all intact, along with the SorroSub Mining Platform. With no formal government to lead or provide for them, the colonies panicked. The station decided to set up an emergency government, to keep the colonies alive. Each colony would have a say in how the government was run, and quickly the ISOG was formed.

During the war, Galen Station was the front line, a bastion that protected the ISOG people from the storm of the Datsu time and time again. Dented, damaged, and sometimes overwhelmed, the station took everything that was thrown at her, including the loss of all but one of the turbolifts and the conversation of the lower outer ring into a fledgling town containing over 1000 refugees.

Three years later, and the war has ended, the Federation and her allies victorious. Starfleet has contacted Galen Station, and she is now once again a front line space station, Starfleets only enforcement in the area. She also acts now as the Federations ambassador to the ISOG, as well as serving as a military attachment to the fledgling government.

With the return of the Federation, and ISOG now stabilised against any outside threat, its Galen Stations job to now explore the unknown space around her, seeking out the Universes great secrets, traps, and fortunes, while at the same time continue to uphold Federation law in what is now a hostile area of space.

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