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Becoming a Starship Captin.


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Quote (Philipp1980 @ Jan. 19 2006, 2:35 pm)
Yeah, something like the Jedi-fiasco is something we really don't need. But then again, you (or they, as in Perpetual) don't only learn from your mistakes, but also from mistakes of the competition ;) A blind guy with a walking stick and a flashlight can see how horribly wrong that went for SWG, si it's highly likely that Perpetual won't make a similar mistake.

another thing, I think that I once heard that PC ships will only go up to the size of Intrepid class, but I have no idea if that is even remotely accurate or even decided yet at Perpetual's end. Then again, for me that's fine, Intrepid class is for me the best ship class as far as an optimal pleasing design goes - and it's definitely big enough for me. But taste is nothing to argue about now, is it? :)

Theres alot of nice ships upto Intrepid class size..


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We already know a Galaxy Class will be a hub, one of the first, for players to serve on. I don't think I'd ever leave the Galaxy Class if I knew I'd never EVER be able to command one (as long as it was possible to command one, no matter how hard I would go forward). I love those ships. WAY better then the crummy Sovereign Class. As far as the small or mid-sized ships. I like them, in moderation. I just love the TNG/DS9 styled ships, they were... better.

I dunno. I am sort of mixed on the ship idea. I hope PE has something in mind because all we can do is in-fight over the same ideas.

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