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Warp Drive


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Ok, but how do you build a ship capable of handling the stresses of going so fast. And how do you protect the crew from any unforseen side effects?


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Quote (captainroe @ Feb. 21 2006, 8:30 am)
Ok, but how do you build a ship capable of handling the stresses of going so fast. And how do you protect the crew from any unforseen side effects?

Going fast does not cause stress? Acceleration does and this is due to property of inertia.

You can reach high velocity just by maintaining an acceleration of 1 to 2 gee. At 2 gee you can reach the speed of light in around 6 months if you can negate the affect of increasing mass due to mass energy, this is not a problem with Heims drive since it negates the increase mass energy by antigravity effect of the drive system.

The only real hazards is the collision with micro meteor or dust particle, so some kind of deflector or anti collision system must be deployed. Since you have anti gravity there nothing preventing you from just using that push any kind of matter out of the way..

Now I must correct an earlier statement, it seem that the latest paper written on Heim's theory and the one the article is addressing does have the ship leave our normal 4 D spacetime.

Heims work was expanded upon by Walter Drvscher and Jochem Hduser. with the added 2 dimension that were later tack on to according strong interactions, the ship can slip into an alternate 4 dimension universe or space.

This space is very different from our own, and it is the home to totally different types of forces and here C is much higher.
A ship with a powerful enought Magnetic field would not just create gravitron photon particles and antigrav but actual cause the ship to slip into this alternate spacetime where it velocity can instantly become much greater to C and no stress is feel, since no acceleration takes place.

anyone interested they can take a look at the paper that was submitted to AIAA:


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All i get outta this, cuz I am by no means smart compared to some of you. Compared to some of you Im at the level of 2+2=4.

Anyways, all i get out of this is...5 years...warp travel...4th stress to problem here...I will be first admiral of star fleet. KOOL LETS GO!!


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Actually I have been working on my own warp drive theory.

It uses magnetized fields sorta like Hiems does but a little differently. I am in the middle stage of it and when I am thru I plan to post it here for everyone to check out. It may even be simpler then everyone thinks it is to go at least half the speed of light.

Warp Field Theory - Using Ions and magnetic fields

The first stage is as such. a + polarized field is projected ahead of vessel the vessel then projects a - polarized field that due to the magnetic properties the - field is pulled to the + field. In order for this part to work though, either the - or + field must in essence "flicker" on and off. The slower the field flickers the slower the vessel is pulled, the faster the field flickers the faster the vessel is pulled. Now to maintain a straight path, the same process must be done on both sides of the vessel. at the rear or aft of the vessel another field that is + polarized with another field is projected but the second field would be of a + polarity that when used in conjuction with the fore (front) field and flickers on and off
as the fore field does, this would push the vessel. So what we have is one field pulling the vessel foreward while the other field is pushing the vessel foreward. The engine would sorta be like the engines from the show but instead of using plasma, the process of lightning and the + and - electrons it gives off would be used instead to charge the magnetic coils up to where they need to be at for propulsion.

When lighting strikes on the upward stroke it produces about 10,000 degrees of heat or more, Now this when coupled with the gas xenon (see sda13406) would be used in the propulsion process by forcing the ionized gas thru a reaction control type thruster arrangement that would be used for reaction control in close area's such as starbases or ship to ship transport mode.

The "warp core" most likely be a Nuclear reactor that would provide the power needed to produce the "lightning " strike effect. I just wish I had the math knowledge to do the calculations, but that will come in time when I take Physics in a couple of semesters.

addon #1 3.04.06 intergration of ion enigne into warp drive
(serial description sda130406)

What is ion propulsion?

Ion propulsion is a technology that involves ionizing a gas to propel a craft. Instead of a spacecraft being propelled with standard chemicals, the gas xenon (which is like neon or helium, but heavier) is given an electrical charge, or ionized. It is then electrically accelerated to a speed of about 30 km/second. When xenon ions are emitted at such high speed as exhaust from a spacecraft, they push the spacecraft in the opposite direction.

addon #2 3.09.06 addition of Dual ion engines
(serial descritpion sda230906)

Due to the fact that ion engines take a long time to reach their max velocity, a process to "excite" the process
to obtain a faster reaction rate for the electrons must be achieved.If the process of ionizing the xenon gas process that creates ion propulsion can be excited by the electrical discharge from the lightning bolt/plasma stream and then that process when coupled with the magnetic properties of the warp field above would provide for a two dimensional propulsion system. As the ion process would help the forward momentum process by adding forward velocity that could be regulated that when ions are projected along with the magnetic field agaisnt the outter magnetic field would make the vessel attain faster then normal velocities.

This theory is copyright protected by Dryson Bennington C 2006. If you have any knowledge to add to this theory that may make the process work. Please, feel free to pm me and your information or research will be added. This is a serious attempt at solving the warp drive puzzle.

It's not a theory any more just a puzzle on a table that needs put together

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