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i need some help with a game...


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Report this Jan. 01 2006, 3:28 pm

ok...i already went to the official Interplay FAQ troubleshooting website as posted in this forum, but it does not have the info that i need here's my issue.  i have a Sony Vaio Laptop Computer...and i have Starfleet Academy on my laptop and a couple of problems have been happening durring game play...somtimes...when i hit certain buttons to do fire phasers or go into warp or whatever i need to do, sometimes the game will minimize to my startbar and suddenly it will open up something like a file search window just because i might have hit the "ctrl" and "s" buttons or something dumb like that and it will keep happening over and over and continually interupt my game...also, while the videos play between levels and even the intro to the game, the audio will start off playing just as it should at the same time with the video, but as the video progresses, the video will slow down more and more, and it will get to the point when you are hearing everything first before you see it actually happen, yet the audio stays constant. I also have this game installed on my HP Media Center PC but it plays fine there with none of these problems...and both computers are the same age...i got them both around December of, i hope i have explained myself adequetly.  can anyone help me?

and i just realized that i put this in the wrong forum...i will post this in the "Gaming" forum as well...the mods can delete this one...sorry about that everyone...

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