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Command proffession


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There is no 'command' profession, everybody will get the opportunity to sit in the centre seat at some stage, but you might have to sacrifice some of your abilities in order to do so. You'll be required to demonstrate leadership abilities during missions and actually accept special missions which will allow you to do so, following a path which will lead you to command. You'll have to be very skilled and experienced to reach this stage, honing your skills in the field and losing out on the chance to increase your skill in one of the other careers, it'll be a tough choice. When you do become a 'Captain' of a starship, you'll have to make the decisions about what planets you visit and what type of mission your crew accepts, you won't really be 'ordering' real players about, but players will have the option to accept missions that you choose for them.

The Source
While I agree this is how it should be done. Ive got some ideas. While maybe the start movement into command proffession wont be related to the academy. In relation to My post on advanced classes in the academy
How about having the command proffession an advanced class at the academy. One which will do simulations in battle, and simulations seeing how you deal with prime directive type things.

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