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This used to be just the USN Atrox, but I`ve decided to expand it to encompass the entire war that I have drawn out.
In the year 2054 the world is once again engulfed in war. America, Germany, Japan, Britain, Canada, and Russia have formed an alliance to combat the forces of Asia, South America, and the Middle East. The Allies are losing. The six allied countries have their forces spread too thin. After a short peace in the early part of the 21st century most of the superpowers disarmed. But the smaller, ambitious nations, were plotting with the communist countries, picking their moment. That moment was August 24th, 6:00 A.M. 2048. When China declared war against the United States, and all it`s allies. The rest of Asia soon followed suit. South America simply sent an invasion into Texas, and the Middle East invaded Europe. The Allied coutries were quick to respond, calling on their standing armies, most of which were still active. Shipyards scrambled to make new ships, or rebuild half torn apart cruisers. Airbases scrambled to get the disused fighters in active condition. The R&D departments of all the countries tried to get the latest weaponry avaiable as quickly as possible. It wasn`t fast enough. Middle Eastern Troops quickly cut a swath of destruciton through Poland, Switzerland, and invaded Austria. South American Forces made as far across the border as southern Nevada.

Command positions avilable, Allied command, and 'Axis" Command, as well as individual unit, and ships positions for each of the armed services.

WWIII <-- Contains full storyline.

Here`s the position list:
Allied Commander
CinC (Chief of Staff)
CinC North America: General Jonathan Jack Oniell
CinC Europe: Lt. General Laura O'Toole
CinC Asia

Allied Commander
CinC (Chief of Staff)
CinC South Pacific: Vice Admiral Asriel Coulter
CinC North Pacific
CinC North Atlantic
CinC South Atlantic
CinC Marines

Allied Commander
CinC (Chief of Staff)
CinC North America
CinC South America
CinC Europe
CinC Asia

R&D Director
R&D Deputy Director

(Same positions available for Axis)

All Nations Allied and Axis
Canadian Prime Minister: Alex Roddenbarry
Chinese Premier: Mao Sing
Japanese Prime Minister: Junichiro Koizumi III
Reporter for NY Times: Terry Fletcher
Political Leader
Vice Political Leader
Secretary of State
Chief Diplomat

As you see there are many, many, many positions, military and civilian. Also, it`s not listed, but if you like you can start your own unit under one of the General Officers. i.e. Captain John Doe, Commandinf oficer 101st Marine company, 12th regiment, 2nd battalion, 2nd division. And you can post the actions of your unit until you get more unit members. AS for now we`re simply posting general overviews of what the entire North American army is doing, or what my fleet in the South Pacific is doing, we need more people.


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Its a good site ppl chould join


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It has the potential to be a good site, but we need more people. I never really appreciated how difficult it is to start something large scale like this until now, and lemme tell ya, it`s about a biotch.


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I joined, I am General Jonathan Jack Oniell. It is a good site.


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Ill join as a new recruit Pvt.Vince reporting for duties!


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That`s great, but you need to register on the boards and fill out an application, telling me here does absolutely nothing.

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