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Oklahoma City TrekCon???


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Report this Dec. 04 2005, 1:41 pm

Hey, are there any Trek conventions coming anywhere near Oklahoma City? If so, my girlfriend and I are going.


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Starbase21 has an annual con  It's in Tulsa.


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Report this Dec. 14 2005, 7:56 pm

I just found out about a fan run convention that is being grown again....Soonercon 2006 will be held at the Bricktown Central Plaza hotel at I-35 and Reno. It will be July 15th and 16th. Soonercon is a gen SciFi convention!!! Now in the past when I went to Soonercons there where gaming, dances, talent shows, art room, room parties and a whole lot more! I have been invited to the Soonercon meetings so I'll try to keep you informed if you like!

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