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Starbase Templar wants YOU!


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Report this Nov. 25 2005, 6:43 pm


I am Commodore Salak, commanding officer of Starbase Templar-611. We
are a Play By e-Mail sim and a part of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 21.
We've been going strong for nearly four years, and now we're looking
to expand our ranks some more.

The sim is run very similar to "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," in that
we do most of our missions from the starbase, but we do have a
support ship, the USS Hercules, that we take out once in a while.
The sim is also run like what 'true' Starfleet would be like (IE:
Senior Staff is responsible for their departments, daily and weekly
briefings, etc.)

Now is the ideal time to join, as we are in-between missions and you
would be able to jump right in when we get back going again!

Right now, we have the following Senior Staff positions open:

-Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
-Chief Science Officer
-Chief of Operations
-Marine CO

And many more!

Not interested in being an officer? We also have Enlisted and
Civilian positions available. Want to be a family person? That's all
right too; if you can't find a fellow player (which is encouraged),
you can bring in a 'family' as NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

Many positions are available, so please check out our website for
more information:

Starbase Templar Homepage

Thank you for your interest,

Commodore Salak
CO, Starbase Templar
Task Force 21-SABRE Ops

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