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Wing Commander Against All Odds expanding


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Report this Nov. 10 2005, 12:57 pm

The forums based Wing Commander: Against All Odds RP is expanding again. We currently have a core of 14 players spread across three sectors of combat. In these sectors players take the role of a task force commander, commanding a carrier, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, and corvettes and fight the kilrathi, attempting to push back their assaults and ensure the survival of the Terran Confederation. We also have a fighter pilot RP that everyone can participate in where players take the role of a fighter pilot in the 507th FS, the Flying Vandals, flying against the kilrathi.

We currently have openings in both the fighter RP and our existing campaigns for new commanders. In addition we will be opening a new, open exploration campaign where players can move between sectors and move into sectors that were previously closed to player movement.

Check us out at:

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