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Admirals and Fleet powers


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Report this Nov. 09 2005, 9:01 pm

Now to expand on a thread Started by SirCedric2 herehere there are a few issues to address.

1. We assume that Crew leaders and other members will eventually be able to work their way up to the Admiral rank(s). Eventually whether a Fleet can have only one Admiral to be the Fleet leader or to have the Admiral ranks with the Fleet Admiral being the Fleet leader. To what extent will his powers be.

2. Will Fleet Admirals have the authority to officially assign Captains or Commanding Officers to ships or crews? The problem here is this. While a crew will have their leader which in all useage of the G-word would be the Guild Leader, you have to think of a Fleet as a Coalition or Alliance of Crews. Now the issue is, you have crew leaders and you have a fleet leader. A crew leader or CO will create a crew and be assigned a PC ship eventually, and as the leader making all the decisions of the ship as the Commanding Officer/Leader. But here lies the greater issue. Should Admirals have the power to remove a ship's CO?

We have heard that there may not be really anything in the game for COs or departments heads etc to reenforce following Orders, etc but what I stated is a matter of Fleet management. While ship COs will probably be able to remove members from the ship, do you see that Fleet Admirals should be able to remove ships and also ship COs/Commanding Officers/Leaders assigning a new one?

This is true in realife, but in game and fleet management where do you see this and other Fleet Leader authority or fleet management drawing the line?

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