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Devs: Space Combat Dev Blog = horrible news


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#1. Someone making some obscure post, just like yourself doesn't make it interesting and certainly doesn't make it fact.

#2. Out of plane maneuvers- the plane being X and Y...and 360 degree movement is a circle which is possible on the 2D plane...don't know what you were going for there, and I think you meant the Z axis.

#3. Well, there is no #3, but another point. You can read as much conjecture and BS as you want, it doesn't make you any wiser.

Thanks, please come again.


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Quote (Braxus6352 @ Dec. 16 2005, 12:36 pm)
You guys are so obtuse. You keep saying that munky99999 has no facts to base his opinions on. that is not true, he is basing his opinion on the words of the Devs. .he has quoted the devs and made opions based on those quotes. I am not saying that it is set in stone and that he is right or that you are right. Well, you are false and are assuming that it will be intirely in 2d movent. that is baseless. munky99999 has already disproved you that there will be no 3d movement. it is like talking to a brickwall.

Noone seems to want to read my post page 11.

Star Trek is not about war and fighting. the game is not going to be based on or focus on this. If you dont want to play a dumbed down profession dont. you have other choices in profs. I for one am just happy they are making a game like this and to assume sooooo much sooooo early in the games development is wrong. They are just letting you know of their ideas and the coarse they would LIKE to go with it. nothing is set in stone.

ElevenThirtyOne, it is ok to have your opinion but you are sooo set in your thoughts, soooo closed minded. you are not hearing what people are saying. You are sooo mad that they are making Starship combat the way they want to. There is a reason and it has been said here aswell as in the dev logs, THIS GAME WILL NOT FOCUS ON STARSHIP COMBAT!!  IT IS NOT THE MAIN MODE OF PLAY!!! THEY ARE NOT MAKING A SIMULATOR!!!

Can you hear me? are you even listening? i dought it. Please read my post on the previous page.

Quoted for defense. This is basically exactly what i was going to say.

Ive quoted from the devblog and commented below. then used geometric logic to link them all and to give whats probable to happen.

let me just point something out. also.

ship-combat and like helmsman and stuff will all be skill-based. this has been stated many times by devs.

and ive stated the quotes that show that 3D movement will be mostly held back for veteran helmsman

and its true that on the shows you can see alot of from the top basically coming from above attacks. Infact my favourite example.

DS9 season 6 Sacrifice of Angels
This picture should prove my point.

but the helmsman on each of those are experts.

but your right.

ship combat wont be a simulator. so it wont be bridge commander. it will be alot more rpg based. which it should.

In bridge commander the tactical station had flight control. in this situation it wont. so tactical and flight will need to communicate. and if they dont flight will be just flying around like he thinks he should be. and a good portion of the phaser arcs will go unused.

if the helm position is skill based. it makes no sense at all that a brand new player will have the same abilities as a veteran. as a simulator would.


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I think they are worried about being out-skilled by people with strategic intuition and want the option of ramming the opposing ship when they are losing. Aka Klingon Academy.


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ok, i've read enough. now im going to put this the simplest way that i can. the bottom line as it stands right now, space combat is going to 2D based. not 3D. and this has been stated by the developers themselves. what else do we know? about 85% of the people here favor STO as a 3D based game over 2D. and P.E. knows this. hell, i'll even go as far as to take away 10 more percentage points for margin of error. i think that if this same poll or disscussion was posted on 10 different fansites, that the numbers or responses will be very similar if not the same. now unless someone woke up in a parallel demension, then you would have to be either crazy or just plain stupid to ignore those types of numbers. but wait....there is always the X-Factor. this is where i explain to you my own opinions about P.E. and  space combat. this space combat topic, in the end, will make or break STO. this is why i believe it took P.E. so long to finally repsond to the topic late last October. for many of you that arent aware, this space combat discussion was probably the most talked about subject about STO prior to the official statement from the developers. and you know what? this space combat discussion is still the most talked about subject about STO after the official statement from the developers. you may find statements from the developers on almost any other aspect of the game, but when it comes to space combat, i feel that they are not to talk about it. they are holding out on the community. before, and especially after the official statement reguarding space combat, and the 13 pages now on this thread in response to that statement. i personaly do not believe that P.E. has the know-how to do it correctly, and i also firmly believe that they choosing the easy way out of a development problem. hence going the 2D way instead of 3D. and whats funny to me is that they tried to make it seem like they are doing me and countless other pilots and other professions a favor by making it 2D, as if pressing 4 buttons instead of 6 is really 3 buttons too many in the first place. they are on a roll, and i mean they are swing for the wall. why stop there. they should go for broke. they probably won't be satisfied until the pliot don't have any buttons to press whatsoever. like i said before somewhere on this forum, i will continue to monitor the progress of STO. but if P.E. continues to go 2D, then i will never know how STO pans out. i refuse to make monthly payments for outdated technology. all other options are negotiable.

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