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Report this Oct. 21 2005, 8:41 am

RFA Fleet and Chris Jones are working on a patch/mod kit for Starfleet command orion pirates that will bring the game up to specs for TNG era. The original SFC series was based on the boardgame SFB and was pretty dam close to canon as far as weaponry and alliances. The problem is this...we dont know how the weapons have evolved for certain races...and are looking for combined knowledge to help ascertain this.

romulan weaponry and alliances for tech...

We have kind of concluded that the roms and klingons had an alliance..."roms got ship designs and disruptor tech from klingons...Klingons got cloaking" But do roms still use the old Plasma tech for weaponry? We know that in SFB the rom and gorns were mortal enemies over the few habitable planets in both thier sectors...and that the gorn and roms both used plasma TOS era. New to me was an item a guy told me that the Gorn helped the federation with Photon tech...any other tidbits you guys have to help with this or against it?

Gorn ships we are thinking could have evolved into something from the alliance with the feds. Maybe a special plasma/photon weapon? Most definitely phasars?

These two races have been our biggest concern out of 15 races we are working/balancing. any input would be helpful as going the "canon" route is full of hypocrisy and has severe faults...discrepencies...This is a very hypothetical situation but in the interest of keeping trek fans/gaming fans in sync all ideas are valued...thank you all...

added:is there a legit Star trek universe encylopedia/book that addresses items like this???

P.S. beta testers are welcomed just drop me a line at

RFA starbase/fleetsite


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