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#1 you have the bridge


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Ok this is something we touched on a long time ago, and I would like to go over it again.

Crew schedules on a PC will be something we will have to do, and it's not as easy as you think.

What happens when you get a max naumber of people online, and only so many stations to put everyone. Sure we have no clue how things will look in the game, but I can still see problems with crew assignments.

Then you have the flip side of the coin, maybe you have people in your crew that live on the other sides of the world, and they are sleep when your on, but when your getting off for the night, they are getting on. What do you do about these people in your crew?

Mind you this is for the view of the Ship's Captain. Maybe you set your senior staff, and you guys can setup how your ship is run. But what about the junior officers in your crew? Remember Ricker had to make up 3 to 4 shifts for the Enterprise crew, and that was to just keep the ship running properly.


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PE has mentioned something about instancing on the bridge to keep things from getting cluttered up.  I don't know if this pretained to the various stations or not, though.  I am hoping not because that would mean you would have multiple instances of the same ship, and that is not something I think should happen.  This would, however, solve the problem of an overcrowded, over-staffed bridge.  What it would not help is an under-staffed bridge.  I suppose in that case, NPC's are the only option.


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Im guessing there would be a certain level of automation to the ways things work. As in, you have no tactical officer availiable, so the system is automated and such to a point.

But we also have to ask ourselves, when will players be availiable. I for one am certain I will not be on at the same time everyday (except maybe the first month after release). Some players will miss a few days, etc.

There is a rediculous amount of variables that have to be considered with shedules is what I gather so far.


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The devs already explained this. If a player goes LD and their is no player to replace him an NPC take shis/her place. The Captain, First Officer, etc, can assign someone to temporarily take his place if they dont want an NPC in the spot. And yes the bridges will be instanced to prevent too many ppl from getting inside and cluttering it up during battle when you dont need lag. If a player isnt online then youll just put someone else there. I dont think there should be an orderly schedule. I dont plan the times ill be online, neither do many others from what ive seen.


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Mainly the idea is to have a set time you might be on, but if your not then I am sure life will go on in STO.  :laugh:


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first come first served you get online a few minutes after another person of the same rank comes online he got he chair. it was not uncommon for anyone to jump onto a station and take over. heck the captian oftem jumped to the needed station when the bridge crew was dieing off.


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I don't post much and maybe this idea has already been mentioned but what if your character/avatar/whatever continued to function even if you were not logged on to control them..... then your character could be asigned a duty shift. If you log on and your character is on duty you just pick up where A.I. left off. If you go LD the A.I. for your character takes over. Since there is not going to be permadeath, I think this could be implemented without too much trouble.

Log on and you are in control. Logg off and your character is a semi NPC. You decide if you want to log on during your assigned duty shift or if you want to log on when you are off duty for some fun time.

My 2 cents


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Can someone explain to me what this "instancing" is? I play City of Heroes and I notice sometimes during high traffic that there will be two copies of a zone available when moving to a new one. How does that relate to, say, dealing with a bridge crew? I hope you aren't saying that the same ship will have ten copies of the bridge with ten different things possibly happening.

Would it be like, "Hey, I was just on the bridge and we got the ship blown to pieces fighting Romulans!", and the player they were talking to says, "Really? That's strange because I just left the bridge and we kicked Romulan booty."

That would totally suck. Talk about no continuity. :whatthe:


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This is where a more structured guild/crew comes together.

My first assumptions about the 'guild' I'm joining will be assignment postings available.

For time constraints, they already have set times for IRC chatting. Different ships meet at different times for online chat RPGing.

For a game like this, you can have a select people for multiple shifts.

All senior staff can sign on and take their posts on the bridge any time they want. Junior officers, unless told otherwise, would have a specific shift (also dependant on whether there's a 3 or 4 shift system). During those times, you're a bridge officer.

When not a bridge officer, you can still work in a lab or some other area. If you're an engineer, you'll be in main engineering. That has more room. You'll have to crawl through jeffries tubes and everything to repair stuff, so I don't see much overflowing happening in that area.

Depending on the size of the ship, sickbay might have to be instanced as well. However, they also have labs and will probably use science labs.

With a big ship and so much involved in maintaining its functionality in a crisis situation, I'd love to see a game that gave the ship more problems, the more player characters it had signed on at one time. This would clear up bridge and other regional cluttering.

I love organized systems. However, this structured system might not work for those who aren't intelligent, serious players, hardcore ST fans, or RPers.


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In all honesty I don't see this becomming a huge problem.  Handle this the way every other MMO handles it, which is to say leave it to the players.  In SWG and every other MMO I have played there are limits to group sizes and limits to how many people can do each thing together at once.  In SWG the magic number these days is 8.  So if 8 guildmates decide to go go quest or grind together anyone else who comes on later has to wait or find something else to do.  If over crowding starts to become a big problem you expand your guild so you can have two groups doing things.  The same in STO.  If you find your ship is becomming over corwded well its time to expand that crew into a fleet.  Get another ship and off you go.

My overall point is just leave this kind of thing to the players.  Don't create any kind of game mechanics to solce this problem.  In every MMO I have ever played this idea of over crowding among guilds is not too common and not very serious.  And if you are one of the poeple who likes the idea of having a set duty schedule, well then fine.  Create one for your guild.  I know and have been a part of guilds in which they had what amounted to schedules.  I can't say I like the idea much in most cases, but they have their uses even in the MMO world.


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Then you have the flip side of the coin, maybe you have people in your crew that live on the other sides of the world, and they are sleep when your on, but when your getting off for the night, they are getting on. What do you do about these people in your crew?

Well I'm sure they will give us the power to recruit whomever we want into our crews of fleet. So the obvious thing to do here to avoid missing members, is to recruit members who are in your timezone. A lot of guilds in current mmog's usually only recruit people in their time zones, like euro's, na's, aussies, etc. On the other hand, having people playing when you're not on, means your ship is still running at least, long as they don't blow the ship up, I don't see it as a bad thing :laugh:

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