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First thing of your federation life...


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Report this Oct. 06 2005, 6:25 pm

So what are you gonna do, eh?

Are you going to slam the door, lock the door, unplug the phone and play 24/7?

Are you going to get into the game and "test" your phaser on someone?

Are you going to blast someone's head of saying "Oppps, I sware I had the safety on!"

Are you going to grind right off the bat?

Are you going to read the manual to figure out every button?

Will you get in the game and push random buttons untill you figure out how to arm/unarm yourself and brag that you can pull out a phaser?

Will you kill a fly saying "I GOT THE FIRST KILL!! HAHA N00BS!"

Do you plan to go through all of the academy or grab a freighter and steal a federation ship only to be blasted soon as you got within 100km of the ship?

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