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ELITE FORCE 1 and more


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Report this Oct. 05 2005, 8:23 am

Hello ,

My name is Alexander and I'm from Greece.
I born up with Star Trek original and then with Next Generation which is the favorite of my old son Romanos.

Apart of all the series episodes & movies we got also some PC games ( ELITE FORCE II - BRIDGE COMANDER - AWAY TEAM )

As it is difficult in Greece to find old Star Trek PC games , I would like to ask you ( or to beg you )  if you can supply us with ELITE FORCE I  and , all other PC games related to Star Trek.

We shall be obliged to you if you can make copies or offer second hand or new .....whatever it is available.

Of course we shall pay for this.

Please contact us in our e-mail :

Thanks in advance


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