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Why do we miss out??


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Can anyone tell me if there are going to be conventions in Perth Western Australia??


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tell me my i miss out in South-East Queensland then?



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Thanks Armageddon for that infor looked at site, just missed a convention, was cancelled, any trekheads in Perth PLEASE buy the tickets next time so they come here.  I'm sick of Australia missing out on stuff!!


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Report this Oct. 21 2005, 9:15 pm

Hi All,

Australia isn't missing out anymore.
My name is Scott and I am the President of Austrek, the Star Trek fan club in Australia.
At the moment, there is a major organiser in the following states. Vic, NSW, QLD, SA.
Any other states, just contact these guys and try to get them to bring a guest over. As they aren't based in WA, you would need to put in a lot of work for them to make it happen. I'm sure they would be happy to chat about it though.
Try these guys :
First Contact Conventions

They can also keep you updated with every con happening Australia wide.



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