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Report this Sep. 26 2005, 3:18 pm

Would you visit a resort where you were able to live for a week as a crew member aboard your favorite ship?

I am determining the interest in a new resort that would allow people to choose the StarTrek lifestyle that woudl best suit them.  Klingon, Romulen, Borg, or Starfleet.  You could choose to live as an captain, officer, or crew member for a week.  The quaters and living space would simulate the shipboard living conditions.  You would get to participate in an advenutre worthy of Star Trek.

This would not be a simulated movie experience, you would be in authentic uniforms, provided training, and sent on actual missions.

This is not an 18 minute ride, it is 1 week as a member of a crew.  How you live is your choice.[CODE][/CODE]

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