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I need your help in orchestrating a better sim!


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Report this Sep. 10 2005, 11:30 pm

Alright, I know its been a rough few months with out much as far as a success goes for the simulation I run.  I am begining to lose hope as far as creating a successful simulation.  I do want to do my best to continue to provide the opportunity of a Bajoran based sim.

"I have a website.  I have a message board.  We have the time... we have the willpower... We can rebuild it.  And I hope you'll come."

Okay nevermind that.  I am just looking forward to seeing any players who would want to give the sim another shot.  Of course I will reserve any of our past members positions for another couple of weeks, but before I start everything over again there will need to be some planning.

Thats where I need any and everyone interested to put some input into the re-creation of the simulation.  

You can meet at the sites message boards or we can talk through the pms or this thread on this forum.  Let me know what you want out of a Bajoran based sim.


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